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Heaven and Hell
by jords
Citation:   jords. "Heaven and Hell: An Experience with Dihydrocodeine (exp102932)". Oct 8, 2016.

240 mg oral Pharms - Dihydrocodeine (daily)


I first discovered Dihydrocodeine (DHC) when I were 16. My mother had a trapped nerve and was prescribed them, being curious I took one 120mg extended release pill. Pure bliss.

I forgot about them until I were 18, and found them being prescribed by an online pharmacy. Temembering my wonderful experience I bought 100 30mg pills for 60. Again, a beautiful experience, it felt as if I could do anything, had the energy to get through the day, finish college assignments and be confident. I bought boxes and boxes of them, and after a few months I decided I should slow down, this were my first experience of a 'cold turkey' so I weaned myself down. Quit for a week, and told myself 'if I can stop for a week I'm not addicted' so bought more... and more... and more. This is when I had a problem but hid it from everyone, I needed 8 pills in a morning (240mg) and at my worst I were taking 500mg a day. I turned into a perspiring, nervous wreck without them. Every bone in my body ached and every thought was about getting more, if I didn't have the money I would never steal, but I would cold water extract DHC from Paramol.

One day the supplier went down, never to re-appear. I had enough for a week. But had to find another supplier. Eventually I did, paying double for the same amount. Over 4 years I've spent around 7000 on these pills.
Over 4 years I've spent around 7000 on these pills.
Eventually I saw what it were doing to me. I were cutting short plans and days out with family and friends so I could come home and get a fix. I realised only I could stop if I wanted to. I got into a positive mind-state and quit. It were horrendous for the first week, the second were bland and unproductive and the third is where I started feeling better. There is hope if you too are addicted and want to get off. But ultimately it's down to the decision and wanting to stop. I've been clean for 3 months now, and have never felt better.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 102932
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Oct 8, 2016Views: 4,188
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Pharms - Dihydrocodeine (392) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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