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80 Xenon 20 Oxygen
by Borax
Citation:   Borax. "80 Xenon 20 Oxygen: An Experience with Xenon (ID 102911)". Mar 18, 2014.

  inhaled Xenon (gas)


I worked at a research facility which had investigated the neuroprotective action of xenon on premature babies. The project had long finished and the cylinder had remained in storage for several years. I was often last to leave the building (except the cleaners) so was fortunate enough to be able to access the cylinder. I considered this as being for the greater good – there were no good reports on recreational xenon use at the time and I deemed the value of such a report much higher than the cost of the xenon used to the company.

I fill a medium white balloon, tie it off and put it down in the lab. I go and remove the reg from the cylinder and return after a few minutes to find the balloon is already tight from self inflation*. The balloon has a diameter of approx 150mm and appears about the same size as an 8g nitrous balloon. I estimate 2-4 L.

17:40 I place it to my lips and within a maybe ten seconds there is a clear lightheadedness. Within 20 seconds a ringing in my ears begins, growing along with my urge to exhale. A grin spreads across my face, xenon is AMAZING.

The cursor hovering over the clock obscures the second counter. I move my hand to move it and miss the touch pad on the first attempt. I am then forced to exhale by my body. I cannot refill the balloon completely – clearly much has dissolved into my body tissues.

As I move my other hand to stabilise the balloon I am aware that I may well be doing myself damage** and I do not really care, a one off for the pursuit of knowledge is well worthwhile. My feet and lips tingle slightly.

The smile spreads further across my face and the ringing is more intense until I can no longer justify holding the balloon to my mouth. I drop it and grin, wondering what on earth I would do if the cleaner entered at that moment.

17:44 I walk to replace the laptop on its shelf and am very discoordinated, clipping a cupboard as I walk past. I muse on the incredible anaesthetic potency. I am sad about coming down – all this has happened within 4 minutes.

I notice now that I have a minor headache. I go back upstairs to my desk and am very noticeably still slightly buzzy and dissociated. My thoughts go between disappointment about how it is just like nitrous and an afterglow-like cheer.

17:54 I am still malcoordinated and certainly not ready to return to doing something productive. I realise I have forgotten to return the fleece I borrowed from the lab.

17:57 I manage send a text to a friend bragging. I still feel slightly dissociated still, approaching what I would expect from 20mg of methoxetamine. My friend asked where I got it I replied “Tesco are selling balloons buy-one-get-one free. I’ll explain later”. He replies “really? Ok”.

18:06 the cleaner comes and we chat for a few minutes. I feel fairly normal now but there is still a feeling of something. I am pleased she didn't come around sooner.

18:13 My headache is basically gone and I feel pretty much normal.

18:15 The same friend texts me “Tesco do not sell xenon.” The delay of this comment makes me laugh.

Overall it was absolutely excellent. Shame it’s so expensive.

*Nitrogen is able to diffuse into the balloon but the large xenon molecules diffuse out much more slowly.

**At this point I had clearly forgotten that the cylinder was premixed with 20% oxygen. Oxygen deprivation is one of my neuroses and prevents me enjoying nitrous.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102911
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 18, 2014Views: 22,353
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