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I Tested It as a Snuff
by Young Prince
Citation:   Young Prince. "I Tested It as a Snuff: An Experience with Kava (exp102824)". Apr 20, 2021.

  smoked Kava (extract)
    insufflated Kava (extract)


Kava Snuff Extract

I first tried Kava a year ago after moving to Hawaii, and drank regularly. I found it very relaxing and pleasurable, so I bought a pound of 'strong' Kava powder from a local store to start making it at home.

After noticing the lower quality, I decided to do a simple acetone extraction using 2 ounces of Kava powder, letting it soak in about 150ml of acetone overnight, and evaporating over a warm hotplate and fan the next morning. I got a yellowish goo which dried into 'flakes' that had a strong taste of kava, numbed the lips and mouth immediately, and could be smoked. I put it on all my blunts and bowls, and smoked it very regularly for about 2 weeks. The high was very nice (kava effects lasting about 1-2 hrs), but it was harsh to smoke and I started noticing a 'hung-over' feeling in the morning, especially after smoking before bed.

I discontinued daily use and saved it for special occasions until I recently met someone who was interested in purchasing some. I did the acetone extraction on 4 ounces of Kava, this time flavoring with vanilla extract (health effects unknown). I took about a 1/4 of the resulting 'flakes' and washed with a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and evaporated to see if it would be cleaner to smoke. The isopropyl alcohol seemed to remove a lot of the volume, but left very fragile flakes that could be cut into a fine powder. This extract was a lot stronger when smoked, so I tested it as a snuff.

I cut up the powder into 2 very thin lines and took the first. Felt the Kava within seconds, like being carried onto a small wave of relaxation - it went up the nasal passage smooth and caught me by surprise, lasting not more than 90 minutes . Wanting to test the safety, I took the second and left the rest in a small jar. The drip was a little bitter (reminiscent of an MDMA drip), and I could definitely taste the vanilla flavoring, as well as smell it.

The next day I decided to test it more, and took about 8 small lines throughout the day, noticing a more intense and sustained effect, with a little hang-over. I believe that it is safe to use via insufflation, and hope to use this with other entheogens for it's relaxing and calming effect.

The effects of the snuff and root are the same, but the immediate action of the snuff makes for a more powerful experience. Having a variety of drug/entheogen experience definitely helped me on the second day - a friend of mine who has little experience with drugs found 2 lines to be too intense to do more (albeit he did them back to back)

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102824
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 20, 2021Views: 1,033
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