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Riding The White Bull Bucked Into Deep Space
by Vaya
From DrugsForum Collection
Citation:   Vaya. "Riding The White Bull Bucked Into Deep Space: An Experience with bk-DMBDB (exp102711)". Oct 12, 2015.

T+ 0:00
75 mg IV bk-DMDBD
  T+ 0:40 75 mg IV bk-DMDBD


1,000mg DiButylone obtained from an indisputably reputable establishment.

Like many beta ketone substituted cathinone derivatives, the powder is bright white, fluffy and voluminous. 100mg of this looks like a full gram of amphetamine. It has a curious acrid-citrus smell that I closely associate with the fluoridated amphetamines.

Prior experience: Name it.

10mg, followed an hour later by 50mg, were placed under the tongue to assess potential allergic reactions. Nothing was noted after each hour, aside from the difficult-to-ignore pungency of the flavor. Very mild stimulation noted after the addition of 50mg; not placebo, but a feeling akin to the very, very first alerts during an oral MDMA come up. No sweating, mydriasis, dehydration, rise in BP/temperature/pulse noted.

Between then and now, I've allowed a day's time to pass.

Mindset: Not expecting to be blown away, given my impressions of Butylone; nevertheless, excited at the prospect of a new frontier to explore.

75mg bk-DMBDB dissolved in 0.7CC water, filtered into a 1CC 30G rig. Injection site prepped accordingly.

T+00:00:00 75mg DiButylone administered intravenously via slow-push over the course of ten seconds.

T+00:00:15 'Chemists' citrine' flavor rides up the esophagus, coming to rest at the tongue's anterior.

T+00:00:30 I've clearly mounted a sonic missile. Rushing at a steep incline. The faster I go, the sharper everything becomes. Tidal swathes of perceptual clarity give way to G-force tunnel-vision. And yet, it's all so utterly... utterly soft. So velveteen in nature. Each word I write is the sole object in the 'eye' of the tunnel that has encapsulated my visual field. Around it slowly rotates a texture not unlike that of a Matisse painting, the soft colors bleeding and blurring from water saturation. I haven't much time to pay the splendor much mind; I find myself having exhausted the infinite length of tunnel and blast through whatever word happened to be in the center at the time, and onward, onward...

T+00:01:00 Jesus. Im rushing *so* hard right now. My ears ring; my vision rumbles like that of an astronaut during take-off, and colors shudder with a new infusion of depth and beauty. Mach five... Six... Eight... Ten... It's so beautiful. The fuel tanks detach with a clank. Shaken, and still rushing wildly, I maneuver myself around in newfound zero-gravity. It is all too much to take in; I will never forget those first moments spent staring in awe of Planet Home from the infinite void of space.

At that point I lost the ability to keep writing real-time. What follows is retrospective.

Holy hell. Dibutylone is a fucking beast. I just kept rushing. Forty minutes later I decided to administer my second 75mg shot, leading to the best rush I have ever felt in my life. Liftoff Syndrome - my senses are so stimulated it feels as though I'm literally launching off the Earth's surface and hurling into the immense, frigid and beautiful void of space. I honestly couldn't tell you the difference between this feeling and the first moments of the biggest drop on a record-breaking roller coaster.

*Everything* is so pristine - so remarkably clean and fresh feeling. The world sparkles and resonates with the highest frequency!

Ten minutes after the re-dose, I somehow sat up. My head is just absolutely saturated with pleasure; this far surpasses anything that I've managed to achieve with bk-MBDB, bk-MDMA, bk-MDEA, 4-MEC, 4-EMC, MD(M/E)A, 5-APB, 5-APDB, 5-MAPB, 5-EAPB, 6-APB, or anything else remotely similar. My dopamine receptors must be clinging on to my brain tissue for dear life.

Interestingly, my pupils are not all that dilated. This leads me to speculate that Dibutylone's DRI properties are its main feature. There's definitely a lovely and strong empathogenic push, fueled by serotonin, but there's an insidiously appealing aspect of this material that reminded me instantly of the finest cocaine. Only, more raging and thunderous. Norepinephrine does not play a huge role with this one - there's the normal elevation of heart rate and some very mild bruxism, but otherwise this material just rocks your brain. I can see this being really, really problematic for those prone to addiction, and for IV drug users especially: Not only with regard to addiction potential, but because sites along the course of the vein injected into sometimes become irritated.

The irritation, although transient (lasting 20-45 minutes), is alarming. It bears a precise resemblance to skin rashes caused by poison ivy, oak and sumac, where the skin bubbles up into bumpy lumps that are white, and surrounded by a dull reddening of the surrounding flesh. The irritation occurs regardless of whether or not the shot was missed. And they occur *along* the vein - for example, one may have injected into the forearm, but splotches of this histaminergic inflammation may occur along the vein 2 inches above the site, at the elbow, and/or all the way to the bicep and shoulder.

The comedown, like that of 4-EMC and 5-ME, is gentle, unassuming, and without residual fallout the next day.

The remarkable likelihood of bk-DMBDB being a triple reuptake inhibitor with a very mild Ki value for NE, a moderate value for SE and an ~exceptionally~ high value for DA is substantiated not only by my trials with DiButylone, but contrasting them with those of a-PVP (highest = NE) and MDMA (highest = SE), in addition to having had ample experience with a pure (and POTENT) biochemical known as Amfonelic Acid (AA). Never before AA, and never since bk-DMBDB, have I experienced dopaminergic purity. Refined Cocaine HCl is but a younger sibling to this material.

Seriously; beware, this one. I will be steering clear; I cannot trust myself with this power. It is the most capriciously powerful, the most handsomely euphoric, substance that I have ever ingested in my life.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Oct 12, 2015Views: 20,639
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bk-DMBDB (712) : Unknown Context (20), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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