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Valentines Trip
by donkey
Citation:   donkey. "Valentines Trip: An Experience with Mescaline (exp102612)". Feb 14, 2020.

T+ 0:00
  oral Ginger
  T+ 0:00 50 mg insufflated Mescaline
  T+ 0:00 150 mg oral Mescaline
  T+ 0:30 150 mg oral Mescaline


After an acid experience on new years me girlfriend and I had recognised LSDs true potential into thought alteration and profoundness. My girlfriend and I had been planning on having a day together where we would take acid and listen to psytrance (genre that I believe can pretty much double the intensity of the trip). As time progressed and we searched for the best day to do it on I managed to get my hands on Mescaline HCl. Ive wanted to try mescaline for a long time, and from what Id heard it was far more profound and subtle than other psychs, so it would be perfect for a day of entering a subconscious mindset rather than LSD which can be slightly more confusing. We decided valentines day would be great, and what better gift to give your girlfriend than 350mg of one of the rarest and most renound psychedelics on earth?

T=0.00 hours (7:15PM)
I had read into ways to reduce nausea on mescaline and all I could find was ginger because everything else had strong side effects, was expensive, or interfered with seratonin receptors. We chewed up some ginger and laid out the mescaline. In the name of experimentation I decided I would insufflate some of the mescaline as there are few reports of what its like. I lined up 50mg~. It didnt sting lots, instead it was like chewing airwaves gum, it just cleared my nose and felt cool and tingly, however it kept dribbling back down my throat and it was the worst tasting thing ever. It continued dribbling on and off for 2 hours! I dissolved the rest in water and downed half of it. We did the other half 30 minutes later.

T+2:00 (9:15PM)
My girlfriend and I were playing Professor Layton to distract ourself and have a laugh in the very slow comeup. She had begun hallucinating a while ago, but had a sober mindset. I was the other way, I couldnt think right but no hallucinations were setting in. We had mild nausea that spiked occassionally and Id run to the bathroom to make sure the bed didnt get soaked in my stomach contents.

T+3:00 (10:15PM)
I started to feel the full onset now, but the nausea didnt really stop persisting. This meant our trips where mostly based around the stomach. I never like this feeling when on psychs, the feeling that whatever I do I must take into account my stomach. Should I stand up? No, it might unrest my stomach. Should I laugh at that joke? No, itll pressure my stomach. I found comfort in the Psychill mix I put on and laid my head back to think.

Mescaline had that classic phenethylamine feel to it. That fast light heart, the tingling all over the body, the tension in every muscle that made it feel like I had just been working out so I was kind of tense, but felt strong. In fact, the whole trip was very relatable to the feeling of 2C-B. The only things I disliked about the phenthylamine feel was my jaw was clenched alot and mescaline gave me a funny body load. Unlike 2C-B I didnt want to get up and dance, I wanted to sit around and channel the mass of energy into my bodily sensations and my thoughts.

Closing my eyes would make it seem that there was no physical world around me. It was amazing to open them and realise where I was, drifting in between states of being with the movement of my eyelids.

My favourite point of this part of the trip was at the start of the mix. I closed my eyes and visualised in my mind a perfectly clear hourglass shape on its side. On one side of the shape there were dark colours with connotations of anxiety, paranoia, upset, depression and other terrible feelings. On the other side were brighter colours representing ecstacy, happiness, purity and other great feelings. I found myself able to choose which emotion I wanted, whether I wanted to drift onto the right hand side of the hourglass and be happy or drift onto the left side and go into a state of upset. Usually these feelings are ones I become tranced into, for example, if I am very happy I find it very difficult to be made unhappy, and vice versa, if I fall into a state of depression its difficult to get out of it. Im a great believer that humans have the ability to choose their emotion, and therefore Im never usually the one to fall into a depressive state. The hourglass visualisation was a nice representation to human emotion, with the middle point being so thin its difficult for the mind to cross from depression into happiness and from happiness to depression.
With the control I gained from mescaline I found myself hopping between emotions and exploring my mind to see how my thoughts are structured depending on my emotional state. Unlike LSD where I will always choose the ecstatic side of emotion and Ill be very energetic and amazed with life, with mescaline I chose to cross into a paranoid state and upset myself to see how it took me. It was reassuring to know that I would never have to challenge myself to get out of the emotion I was feeling, I would only have to glide into the other section of the hourglass.

T+4:00 (11:00PM)
We were still listening to music, but instead of staying quiet in our own thoughts my girlfriend and I were chatting about many different things. The topics would flow into the next very smoothly, and wed often lose what we were going to say because before we knew it we had changed from the topic of evolution to the topic of how the physical world is translated into mathematics, what mathematics is. We continued on like this for a long time, for about 2 more hours we rambled through conversations and searched our subconscious for answers buried deep in our mind where wed never looked before.

T+6:00 (1:00AM)
We decided wed order our valentines meal now, but decided we had lost interest in Indian food. While the taste would be great, we still had the awkwardness of stomach tension and still the nausea persisted. Looking back on it, wed never really thought about the time and it was quite late to be calling around places asking for deliveries, but it didnt matter because wed ordered our pizza within a couple minutes no hassle. It all totalled less than 20 and arrived in less than 15 minutes.

We went downstairs from the bedroom to eat. Downstairs we also had proper speakers and I put on psytrance mixes to bring our trip back up to its previous intensity now that the peak had dropped and we were just at the average trip intensity. It worked, and 10 minutes into the mix my visuals had swirled back to life and my headspace was back with a great feeling. My stomach settled slightly and I managed a couple slices of pizza. Id hoped it would be easier to eat when it had come to the time, but my stomach still wasnt completely sober, it was still tight, and eating slightly more than needed would clearly lead to some vicious purging.

T+9:00 (4:00AM) We had listened to 2 or so hours of psytrance, then let it trail off and continued talking for about another hour. We started feeling very ill. The nausea mixed with our extremely high body temperature was creating the feeling that we were ill, but we started getting a slight headache also. This gave an allover feeling of feverish illness so we headed up to bed. While it was still strong in our system I felt like it would be easy to call off the trip and sleep at any point. We got into bed at around T+9:30 (4:30AM) I couldnt lay down because of the headache. It would thump extremely hard if I lay down or if my heart beat faster. It must have been related to blood pressure changes. I had hydrated well before and throughout the trip. I tried to sleep and had to do so sitting upright against the wall because I couldnt lay down on the bed. I caught easy sleep that lasted for a small while.

Despite the lack of sleep after a night of psychedelics I felt awake and good the next day. The only problem was the thumping headache
I felt awake and good the next day. The only problem was the thumping headache
that persisted throughout the day and held me from meeting friends and going to a party with some people in a different city. I was in no state to be getting transport across the country, my head was terrible. I continued hydrating, went in fresh air walks, took a paracetamol and by the end of day it had subsided back to slightly normal.

Mescaline is a very lovely drug. It was definitely worth the slow nauseated come-up and the headache. However, as great as it is I dont see myself doing it again soon, or even later for that matter. I do want to do it again, but its not like LSD where I can take it for any occasion, its far less flexible. Its all about staying in and going deep. Although its clearly a more psychedelic drug than LSD, a far more clearheaded than LSD, I think I prefer LSD. Comparing the two is like comparing a great night out at a rave (LSD) to a chill night with friends where you talk and have a great time (Mescaline). Theyre amazing, but in their own ways.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102612
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 14, 2020Views: 1,001
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