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I Wish I Could've Done Something Else
Citation:   a_fan_of_naturals. "I Wish I Could've Done Something Else: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp102547)". Apr 22, 2017.

500 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
First, my background. I am 22 years old and have been using various natural drugs and drinking for several years, starting around 18 or 19. I started drinking later, however, more around 20 or 21.

I have used cannabis mostly, alcohol recently, and mushrooms several times, but with only one real trip, where I felt really buzzed, kind of slipped into another version of reality, and only really felt bursts of significance added to viewing certain things, mostly paintings. A few extra details manufactured themselves. The whole time I was thinking about how this perception of reality is interesting and layered.

I am also on the autism spectrum, having Asperger's syndrome. This might be why I feel so locked into reality usually. I am over 300 pounds.

-00:08 - 9:56 PM I'm trying dramamine. Less because I want to and more because I have some. I feel in some ways more as though I'm risking something than any other drug I've taken. I'm taking ten tablets, or 500mg. I'm going to limit my movement around the apartment to getting water, using the bathroom, and if necessary, eating, and will try to keep distracted with nice calm music. Again, I feel oddly compulsed to take this stuff, not so much eager. I can't really explain it.

00:00 - 10:04 Just took the tablets with orange soda. I've prepared a big mspaint image with 'KEEP FOCUSED - FIGURE OUT WHAT'S REAL - STAY HERE, BE SAFE - DON'T TAKE MORE' (irrelevant as I took all ten tablets I had, and wouldn't have taken more if I had them, but it applies to my booze, since I don't want any organ trouble) and 'TRY THROWING UP IF IT'S TOO MUCH' in big bold font. Aside from the music, I'm going to try to use this and my already kind of tough to inebriate mind to try to stay grounded. Hallucinations and the like are only fun when you know they're hallucinations, after all.

In addition it's worth noting I don't want to seem /too/ out of it around my roommates. I'm sure some minor talking and laughing is fine, but not a freak-out. I'm going to try to just have faith in the rigidity of reality to me. I know it's a construct, but I have a pretty easy time normally figuring out what fits with it and what doesn't.

It's worth adding that with my 'natural is better' mindset on drugs, taking what was more or less a handful of pills was strange and I found myself putting it off. Usually I feel weird even taking aspirin. I usually stop with diarrhea medicine.

+00:20 Early, yes, but I'm just going to note that I have not yet felt anything. I have a minor headache, but it was there yesterday, so I'm considering it normal.

+00:30 I feel slightly different. My eyes look for oddness in lights and other things. I feel vaguely relaxed, though my stomach is somewhat queasy. It strikes me that I should keep elements of reality around me to study and use for anchors.

+00:40 I definitely feel heavier lidded. I'm glad I have sleeping trouble anyway. I also shortly after felt that odd slip. I didn't follow it, but I felt like my mind had broken the surface tension of my subconscious
I felt like my mind had broken the surface tension of my subconscious
, if that makes sense. Like feeling yourself slip into a dream. I suppose I missed some potential signs just because I kind of see stuff anyway (very minor patterns, misinterpretations, etc. nothing amazing, fun, or at all beyond mundane or mistaken). The empty space on this page barely changes itself to have very very faint letters. Every blemish on the screen seems to want identity as something more, but all it is is a fly-speck or smudge.

+01:00 Not to mention that every time my light fluctuates a bit I feel /weird/. My eyes feel out of focus, but not the normal way from other things. I feel like my two eyes are focused on two separate points, varying in distance. I can feel minor bursts like on mushrooms, but these are a little less amusing, and more startling. I can see things vaguely out of the corner of my eye, but once I scrutinize them they are gone- nullified.

+01:30 I feel normal again. Weird. I was wobbly when I got up to take a leak, but now that I'm back I'm not really feeling it. Still tired though. It seemed to work again, depending on my eyes closing. I'm feeling little rises and falls like an elevator stopping.

+01:45 Where is all this procrastination coming from? I was going to start a game like ten minutes ago.

+02:00 Very light feeling of oddness. It seems to be what's left, but I don't want to challenge that too much.

+02:30 It seems to have worn off and left my vision kind of blurry.

+03:00 I'm still tired, I have dry mouth, but I feel normal still. Disappointing...

+15:00 -/+ I just woke up, sweaty and vaguely tired still. I deem my attempt at getting high a success, but not much of one. The bits at the beginning were substantial, but not enough to take pills. As of an hour later my vision cleared up all the way.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 22, 2017Views: 6,427
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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