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The Outward Journey, Too Many
NBOMe Series
Citation:   pinkoffloyds. "The Outward Journey, Too Many: An Experience with NBOMe Series (exp102532)". Jun 7, 2021.

300 - 1000 ug buccal NBOMe Series (blotter / tab)
I am about to break down countless experiences with this series of designer drugs known as the NBOMe Series. I will explain the effects of doses I have taken myself and the effects I felt during the experiences with the 3 different substances I have listed.

A small introduction: I was 17 when I started getting into psychoactive substances. The first psychedelic I took was 100% pure MDA and witnessed an intense sexual, out of body experience. I took pretty strong LSD around 20 times and have pillaged cow fields for mounds upon mounds of Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms and had the best times of my life. But my experiences with NBOMe's would be much less 'earth-shattering' and not so deep, and far more alien.

I will start with my review of 25C-NBOMe as it was the chem I have the most experience out of the 3 with. (also note this was my favorite of the 3) 25C seems to come on very quickly (within 15-20 minutes after ingesting threshold amounts buccally). Of the 3 I find it to be the most visually active with a lot of color brightening, morphing objects, intricate patterns on surface areas, and loss of concentration at higher doses. A change in sound is very clear as this substance makes me feel as if I have funnels on my ears. At 600ug (held in mouth for 20 minutes) I felt more delusional than psychedelic & this is something I came to expect with all the NBOMe series as the one thing they all share in common is - Vasoconstriction and Delusions (not necessarily in high doses either) the come up is very hard at high doses and is very sexual. The bodily high is a numbness of the body that is not as 'dirty' as the other NBOMe drugs; it is very clean. Melting sensations or becoming one with something you are in direct contact with.

Last night I dosed a 3rd of a tab containing 300ugs of 25C just to feel a nice come-up that would end in bright stimulation. I began to feel the effects within 10 minutes and began to feel very horny for some reason. I went to lay down and had the need to roll around and stretch as I could already feel vasoconstriction in my knees and legs (I attribute the numbness the drug gives me is actually vasoconstriction itself and should not be taken as pleasant). I had to piss and it went okay, I noticed I had 'speed dick' as it felt cold and weird.

Other than the MDA like feelings there was little visuals at the dose I had taken but it was manageable (if just staying at home and not going anywhere). I did require a Xanax to sleep but I felt no anxiety while tripping like I do with LSD or Mushrooms. As a matter a fact I felt 'strong' and pepped up like I had done a couple bumps of some really good Meth. I wanted to talk and socialize but the drug is kind of into itself, people can become annoying and my concentration was vastly obscured. I also experienced a feeling of being one with myself but not with others, it is a selfish trip.

Next up is the 25B-NBOMe and oh man, this one is all over the place. I personally do not like this one at all, it does seem to be a lot more 'personal' and 'in your face' than the others. 25B brought out my insecurities and make me go into a survival mode at times. I would make people leave my house because I couldn't 'take care of them if I have to take care of myself first'. This drug made me question my personal beliefs and was a bit overwhelming. It has completely different visuals as well, a lot more morphing objects leaning on the verge of being flat out delusions. Mass confusion inside the head, no learning can be done here even though it is trying too hard to dig into my psyche, 'I don't like this'. Everything seems alien and not real at all, I have unpleasant bodily sensations like bumps under the chair or electricity going through my head near the end of the trip.

Delusions are clear as I hear Father calling my name. I hear scratches and knocking on my door. 90% of the time these hallucinations can be dismissed as 'not being real I am just tripping' but while on a load of this drug (1mg+) it begins to become more and more confusing. It becomes alot easier to give into these hallucinations and I caan find myself looking out the door to see if anybody was really there or not (I did this plenty of times and often I could see faces of people I knew stacked on top of each other out the corner of my eyes, they smiled). I think of it as 'psychedelic carpet surfing'. It becomes very delirious and nasty. I would avoid this one if I was anybody. I recall a lot of vasoconstriction in the legs, there was also excruciating pain in the lower back/kidney area through most of the trips.

Effects last into the next day: a friend had taken 1mg orally and was purging 10 hours later. Still out of his head, cannot think too straight and feels like shit and serotonin deprived. I agreed.

Now it is time for 25I-NBOMe and this is a strange breed. Just like 25B it is more on the confusing side, but not as apocalyptic and hateful. For me it is a bit more clear-headed than most psychedelics but it has its moments of delusional and irrational thinking we call a 'mind fuck'; with no 'magic' to it whatsoever unlike the beloved Mushroom guides or the inner connection to the universe of the LSD experience. 25I gives me pretty hilarious and cartoony visuals like Acid but they are very lack-luster and aren't as breathtaking and to be honest... it is just a bit too underwhelming. Everything feels good and wrong, I can't say I like it but id rather be on something else.

The come up is the only thing really sought after, because after I come up I have pretty much felt the entire experience in the first 2 hours. Nothing really special is going to continue to come up and entertain me, I may as well just be on Meth or a crazy stimulant nobody has ever heard of. But I kind of like it, at 600ugs I feel wacky in the body, a hint of sexual stimulation, not too heavy, not too light (like 25C and 25B mated). Pretty nice visuals, the trees sway and dance in the moonlight, I noticed the trees had old ancient and wise faces, the mouths moved but I could not hear anything but the singing of angels. As countless blankets of purple dust with strands of light keeping them together pass through the clouds, I can feel the strands of light inside my body, I am the light and the clouds, I am flying through space.

I felt myself leave Earth and travel high through the clouds as I manipulated the blankets of purple star dust with my magick wand. They flowed around me and turned into different symbols and shapes. Music sounds amazing.

After all this mess I went to the doctor for a check up...

I had not taken a chemical in 18 months and was suffering brain zaps and depression upon halting all intake of NBOMe. They prescribed me anti anxiety medicine to take the edge off as I also began to develop intense general anxiety and felt I might have made a mistake.

After 2 more months I began to feel better and have since stopped taking NBOMe. I have ingested 1 3rd of a tab of 25C since then with no ill effects and tripped mushrooms around 30 more times.

Exp Year: 2012-2014ExpID: 102532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 7, 2021Views: 2,561
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NBOMe Series (539), 25B-NBOMe (564), 25C-NBOMe (540), 25I-NBOMe (542) : Post Trip Problems (8), Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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