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GHV & GHB Compared
by Renwick
Citation:   Renwick. "GHV & GHB Compared: An Experience with GHV & GVL (exp10252)". Oct 28, 2001.

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I have tried both GHV (4-methyl-GHB) and GVL (4-pentolide), which was sold under the brand name Tranquil-G, on a number of occasions this report will be a summation of those experiences. I am including both substances in the report since their effects are basically the same as GVL converts into GHV in the body. Although I believe the conversion from GVL into GHV works the same way as the conversion of GBL into GHB, so the people that experience a significant difference in effect between GBL and GHB may also experience GVL as being different from GHV. For myself, however, this is not the case and I find them to be similar compounds. The only difference that I notice is it takes about 10 minutes for GHv effects to begin versus 15-30 minutes to feel the GVL.

The dosage for either compound seems to range between 3 and 8 grams with 4 being the average dose that most of my acquaintances feel is effective. My personal dose seems to be higher at around 7 grams. I use GBL on average about 2-3 times per week, and the fact that I need a higher dose of GHV/GVL may be evidence of some cross tolerance with GHB/GBL. At a dosage of 12 grams I experienced nausea and dizziness and would never suggest that anyone take over 10 grams of GHV at once. Booster doses seem to work sporadically, sometimes you are able to bring yourself back up to the place you were before other times it seems to have no effect. As a side note GVL is the worst tasting substance I have ever tried and is almost nausea inducing by taste alone. I suggest mixing GVL into some kind of juice because drinking it straight is a fairly unpleasant experience, although I still haven't found any drink that even comes close to masking the taste. Depending on dosage the effects of GHV/GVL last about 3 - 4 hours, which is about an hour longer than GBL/GHB.

The effects of GHV/GVL bear more similarity to benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, etc.) than either GHB or GBL. Like the benzodiazepines GHV and GVL have strong muscle relaxant properties. My personal experience with these compounds is that GHV/GVL is actually a much stronger muscle relaxant than any of the benzodiazepines although none of the other people I know that have tried GHV/GVL have any experience with benzodiazepines. I have found that the muscle relaxant properties of GHV/GVL are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of my tension headaches, even more so than GBL is, which was the reason why I started taking GBL in the first place.

As a sleep-aid GHV/GVL is definitely much more effective for me than GHB/GBL although it doesn't seem to have as much of the 'knock-out' effect of GHB/GBL at higher doses. The anti-anxiety properties of GVL/GHV are about equal to those of GBL/GHB. The euphoric/intoxicated/drunk state that GHB/GBL produces is not produced by GHV/GVL at any dose I have ever tried and coordination also seems to be less effected. To me it seems much easier to function in public situations where you need people to believe you are sober than GBL /GHB. GHV/GVL seem to be more effective for relaxing than they are for partying and socializing. Other effects I have noticed from GHV/GVL include cold hands/feet, lowered blood pressure, and a decrease in pulse.

In combination GHV/GVL are much more interesting than they are by themselves. GVL and GHV combine nicely with marijuana by blocking the paranoia it can cause and increasing its relaxing effects. I have also noticed an interesting effect with GVL/GHV, it can be taken to boost the effects of a waning GHB/GBL experience. I am not sure why this is and some part of me says it shouldn't work, as I have heard that GHV has about 15% more receptor site affinity of GHB/GBL and that the GHV/GVL should just overpower the GBL/GHB, but it works my associates and I. GHV/GHL can also be nice to relax the comedown of the more visionary drugs.

Overall, I'd say that GHV/GVL are good drugs for sitting around talking with friends or relaxing at home and watching a movie or reading a book. There is nothing to crazy to be found in this drug, but it has a nice experiential 'Flavor', that is all it's own. If you are expecting a drug that is exactly like GHB look elsewhere, if you just want a few hours to rest and enjoy life this may be just what you are looking for. As always, your mileage may very so don't go exploring with any new compound without a sitter present and start with a low dose.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10252
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 28, 2001Views: 36,305
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GHV (213), GVL (214) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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