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Travelling in a Quantic Dream
by ConaDmae
Citation:   ConaDmae. "Travelling in a Quantic Dream: An Experience with 4-AcO-DALT (exp102439)". Oct 25, 2015.

60 mg oral 4-AcO-DALT  
      Ginger (tea)
      Chamomile (tea)


At the time of the Experience, I'm taking almost daily; 200mg magnesium citrate, 1000mg Cod liver oil, B-complex (100% RDA rec)+ 0.25 mg Melatonin at night to Help with sleep.

16.15- took 60 mg 1 hr after a light meal, also took one sickness pill with the meal in case of nausea.
BP- 127/70 pulse-54
Sightly nervous but ok. Listening to chillout music with images from Maldives.
Interestingly a storm is approaching, the lightning is closer and closer. Wonder what this is going to give. Wow thunder is here and I'm not into the trip yet...ha ha aha!

17.15- First signs...slowly depth of field starts to wiggle walls start to breathe...ok now everything is slightly undulating. But my head is very focused.
17.30- Slight head trippiness, very relaxed. I have to say that I'm drinking ginger, camomile and lemon tea with a bit of honey.
Feeling a bit nausea. Feeling very tactile now...extremely nice. Eating some strawberries, freshhhhh, nice!
slight pupil dilation. Slight CEVs, very pretty.
17.35 Increased heart rate..noticeable now.
17.45 Life is a I'm just riding it. Right in the epicentre...chillout music is perfect. Now there
are so many things going on my mind at the same time, cannot describe. Pretty trippy. Body feels a bit shaky but not too bad, I guess it's the nature of these chems.

18.00- Everything looks amazing but in a disconnected way, like my nerves sensors are a bit captaliptic. Overloaded.....everything is waving ...ha ha life is a wave and this is the moment in time. Closed eyes sea of colours, very synthetic.. but pretty. Life is a journey, and my body the boat...through the nets of time...into a quantic ocean.
Peeing is ok but it feels like operating a mechanism from the other side of the universe...loll. It's still a familiar function somehow. Life is but a dream but a dream but a dream... That feels all too real sometimes!

18.30- My body is music in an ocean of sensorial information....when I close my eyes I can almost touch my thoughts, my ideas, their like streams...they are... me.
It levels out now. Life is a flame, that slowly burns...I soooo embrace this flame. This is how I feel...this is what's going on.
Feels wonderful just to slowly move my body to chillout music.
BP-146/71 pulse 91.

18.50-We're just memories of each other, that slowly echo through time. I've just realised there's no silence in deep space, because everything is connecting, very fast.
19.10- Coming down slowly like being delivered from a warm embrace...
music and environment is essential for this chem. I can feel it gently leaving my body...transforming into something continues its journey.

19.30- Still feels like a gentle ride on the back of the goes in circles and circles and circles. It's a happy dragon this one...ha ha. Feels like grabbing the moon right there between my fingers...right there, right there, but no...not really...just another pretty illusion, like so many of the opticals in this kaledoscopic reality!!! So close...but so far! I look at the page of what I'm writing and it looks like there's depth of field behind all the letters...very cool; and behind it a stream of algorithms?...some data looking like shapes projecting them... imagination runs deep on this stuff... OMG this stuff is so blissful.
BP-141/78 -pulse 75.

20.00- Almost baseline...I feel great, just like I had this amazing vivid dream and I can recall all of it.
Exactly what I was looking for! And my body doesn't feel completely destroyed. Although I had the feeling that it was all a bit synthetic throughout the experience it was all very blissful; like being out of the driver's seat for a moment and letting something else drive the car (my senses?..) -without smashing it into pieces. I feel grateful to my body that allows me to feel and comprehend so many things...I feel like have the utmost is my temple. It is so clear! (God!..this simple realisation almost makes me wanna cry) (tick tick....emotional release.)

Wow that was very therapeutic. I feel blissful. It's all can say. I feel deeply Happy...roafl.
I know it's just a moment like so many in this stream of moments that make up my life ....but flipping heck; What a FUCKING MOMENT!
(I know its just a drug, just a drug, just a drug....)

After the chem fully set in I didn't feel the need to redose at any time. I believe if the dose had been a bit higher it would have been too strong, easily overwhelming.
That's all folks.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102439
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Oct 25, 2015Views: 1,951
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