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Different Worlds
by Rich
Citation:   Rich. "Different Worlds: An Experience with DXM (exp10240)". Jul 15, 2005.

8 oz oral DXM (liquid)


It was about 9pm on a summer night. I had no place to sleep so I decided to call up a friend so I could crash at his house. When I got over to my friend Chris' house, we were bored as hell. So we decided to go to the closest grocery store and steel us some Robitussen. So we took scooters over there and stole a bottle of Robitussen maximum strength cough each, and bought a soda for a chaser. On the way home we both downed our tussen. By the time we had gotten home we were trippin. Chris wasn't as used to it as I was so he was pretty out of it. But I however was not. I just felt mildly drunk and a little speedy. So after about an hour of boredom I suggested we make another trip to the store. This time we walked there so we could enjoy trippin on the way there. Anyway, we both stole another bottle of RMSC, and drank it on the way home.

Well, by the time we got into the basement of his house, I could hardly walk at all. We both had trouble standing up, let alone walking down the stairs to his room in the basement. Now this basement was no ordinary basement, it was more like a dungeon (or so I thought it was). There were pipe leading to his furnace that had flames shooting out of it at all times. The floor was dirt and the atmosphere was muggy. (not a nice place to be trippin in)Anyways, we had turned off the lights and went to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I was haunted by the general atmosphere of the room. I felt like I wasn't in a familiar place, but I was to scared to say anything. So I looked to my left, and suddenly I'm not where I thought I was. And I could no longer remember where I used to think I was. So therefore I was in a strange place trying to think of where I used to think I was. This led to an acceptance of my surroundings due to the lack of any previous knowledge of where I am. Suddenly I realize that I've been hearing voices for hours. People looking for me. Calling my name 'Rich, where are you'. I felt the presence of 3 people far below me which were of course the people calling my name.

I thought to myself that I must be hiding from them, so I decided to remain in my current position and survey the situation before calling out to them. I looked down and saw 3 people wearing hard hats and operating heavy machinery and such. So I came up with the conclusion that I was part of some sort of construction crew and I was just being lazy and not working. I thought to myself that I had better say something before they leave without me. So I stood up from my bed and yelled out 'Here I am, I'm ready to work now'.

Just then Chris gets out of bed and turns on the light and says, 'what the hell are you doing'. Then I realized I was going to have a really odd night with this drug in the dark moist basement. I laid back down to try and sleep again, and just as I was falling asleep, it started over again. Only this time I was in a different place, with absolutely no previous knowledge of how I had gotten here. This new place was very distinct. I was in a space ship with millions of other human carrying pods. There was no gravity, therefore I was strapped to the bed. As I screamed and tried to break free, Chris turned on the light. This same thing went on all night long until the morning and I never got any sleep. I went to various different location, and none of them were pleasant. I was in jail, the bottom of the ocean, a concentration camp.

Trips like this really make me think about what kind of a person I really are to dream up such crazy things.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10240
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 15, 2005Views: 619
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DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5)

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