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So What Is This Still Not Quite Sure
by thatguy
Citation:   thatguy. "So What Is This Still Not Quite Sure: An Experience with 6-APB (exp102377)". Nov 28, 2016.

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 60 mg insufflated 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:30 160 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)


Just around two weeks after new-year 2013/14 I searched around the internet for some worthwhile rc's. I was looking for something MDMA-like and didn't really think I would find anything comparable, but then I started reading all these reports on a compound called 6-apb and they all sounded really positive. Then I just went and bought 0.5g from a trusted online vendor.

Now it's important to note, that I have tried MDMA a single time, and it was absolutely amazing! The people I were with told me how that first high would always be the most special, so I definitely kept that in mind when trying this stuff! It didn't dissapoint!

I rolled by myself this time, as I wanted to test the effects before suggesting it to others. But as entactogens go, I can't really stop myself from communicating with other people anyway ;D

Safety Note: The total dose ingested during this binge would probably considered insane by most (500mg over 12 hours). At the time I had zero tolerance for MDMA and personally the experience didn't ever become too intense, just a bit of a waste of material. I usually don't compulsively redose, but with this shit it was just too tempting
I usually don't compulsively redose, but with this shit it was just too tempting
and I ended up not even thinking about the crazy amounts I took! I bought mine from a very respected vendor, whom I also trusted myself.

T = 21:30 (bombed 130mg)
The effect took a long time to kick in, and in the beginning I was a bit anxious as to whether it was going to work at all, since I quickly got this very faint buzz. Something was different, but I wasn't high at all.

I went for a walk to kill some time, hoping it would kick in there. Still nothing special.

T +00:30
Now I start to feel some sort of come up. It's still not at all intense, but somehow I already know this is gonna be good!

T +00:50
I can't remember the exact time when I began to get really high, but it was around this time. As opposed to my MDMA experience there wasn't really the same rushing feeling, even though the comeup was only really 10 minutes or so. It was more like a descent into love, where MDMA was more like being launched into love.

It might sound like it wasn't as intense as MDMA, but really it was just a bit different. With MDMA I felt like this chemical force just made me feel better than imaginable, whereas 6-apb was more friendly and not rushing me too much into the experience.

T +01:00
Now I feel completely up and it feels just as amazing as MDMA. It felt a bit more relaxed, like I could just lay down and enjoy the intense feelings of euphoria and love.

Actually the love was much more pronounced than MDMA! It felt more pure and less chemically forced. I felt this universal love for everything, and as I started to think about the people I know, the most intense feeling of sincere joy passed through me, as I could feel our love floating through each other. All the while I was simply resting in my bed with no problem relaxing at all.

I think that the extra intensity from MDMA might have come from a generally more stimulating effect. This means that while 6-apb requires a bit more effort on my side, molly thrusted me more into it. I feel like MDMA is made more for clubbing and meeting new people and do stuff with love, whereas 6-apb is a deeper journey into love.

Don't get me wrong though, when I was walking outside I was absolutely speeding on this shit! I was like a feather floating through the street and feeling awesome. But when I was back inside, resting on my bed was just as fine! I chose my own tempo with this stuff.

Ok, back to the love... I said that the love felt deeper with 6-apb than molly, not in intensity, but in a more psychedelic deep thought way. As I thought of my loved ones, I almost instantly began to write stuff down on my computer to express what that love was like. Because the feelings were flowing through me without any hindrance, everything was absolutely crystal-clear. I didn't just feel my own emotions towards them but felt their emotions towards me. It was obvious how our love played out and how everything was absolutely perfect!

T +02:30 (dosed 60mg)
Tried snorting a small line and it was just powder in my lungs - ugh! Simply bombed the rest instead. I wasn't coming down at all at this point, but I just felt so amazing that I thought more amazing would be even better, haha!

I beleive it was around this time I started chatting with a few of my friends, simply because I felt like that would be the most awesome thing to do. The talkativeness on 6-apb is as powerful as MDMA and I was just absolutely speeding. Since every thought I had was so clear and amazing, my words just flowed out at a crazy speed. The feeling of being physically connected to the people I talked to was so real and the joy their words brought me was almost unbelievable!

T +03:30 (dosed 160mg)
Right about now all but one of my friends had gone to bed and I decided to take the other 160mg, upping the total to 350mg. This is where shit starts to go nuts...

First of all, my perception of time became really really fucked. I was going to be quite high for some 6-7 more hours, but it really felt like 20 minutes! I really began to see these very LSD-like patterns but maybe a thousand times more glowing and awesome. I seriously don't know all that much about what happened during this time other than crazy visuals and listening to music. Still, it was not intense in any way.

My jaw was fucked at this time, but I was just so fucking high, that I never thought about it. Just getting some water once in a while and everything was perfect. I would say though, that the unity of love wasn't as pronounced any longer; it was like the crazyness and visuals where taking over, making this really really weird.

T +04:30 (dosed the rest ~150mg)
At this time I can safely say that my brain was no longer working well. It didn't feel dangourous, I was simply just too high to think anything rational. The result was that 150mg more seemed like the best idea ever! Well, truth be told, I couldn't really comprehend what amount it was sounds completely safe right?

When the effects came on, it still didn't feel like too much, it wasn't intense at all, I was way too struck with awe to notice. At this time I was messaging with my friend, and suddenly, my sentences began to come out nonsensical. Before it was so unbeleivably clear and easy, and now, whatever I tried to do, my fingers just wouldn't write anything that made sense. My friend kindly suggested that I might be too fucked up for this, and I certainly agreed ;)

Funny thing is, I was completely aware of this. I looked at the text and thought wtf, I must be high out of my mind right now! It's also worth noting that at the same time, my room was warping and distorting more than I've ever tried with a psychedellic, but more unsertain and fuzzy. On top of that I began to have these weird hallucinations. When I looked at the floor, some sort of cotton cloud would appear suspended in mid-air! This didn't look like psychedelic visuals with their otherworldly look, this was a completely beleivable cloud of cotton hanging in the air. I was actually so convinced of it's realness, that I tried to touch it. To my surprise, my hand went straight through it, but didn't destroy the hallucination. Soon, everywhere I looked had so many weird 3d effects on them. Sometimes a flat object would appear to be 3d and sometimes stuff would appear out of thin air.

Another funny visual was, that the screen on my phone seemed to get really compressed, not in size, but like a JPEG image, where you start to see these muddy blocks of color, if it's compressed to far. I have absolutely no idea what could have caused this effect other than me simply remembering how JPEG compressing makes images look.

It was absolutely fucked up and I definitely thought that this was really too much. Still not too intense or frightening it was awesome! But it just wasn't as awesome as before with the extreme mental clarity. It was pure madness and didn't make any sence whatsoever. I didn't learn anything from this state and didn't remember much either.

T +08:30
By now I was coming a bit down and the visuals were gone. I still felt my head being fucked up though, and the hallucinations weren't gone either. Sometimes I would see this weird face on the back of my chair, looking exactly like 3d/real Abraham Lincoln (hat and all), but his face was red like a demon.

Now I know people who had scary sessions with MDMA and the devil, but this wasn't scary at all. I just looked at it and laughed at the complete randomness. This is what I think too much of this stuff was: nonsensical.

I went to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. I definitely noticed how my jaw looked exactly like when I've seen others on molly. I thought about how crazy it must look to people who don't know it looks absolutely terrifying and agonising. I've tried to tell others that it's really a good sign of having a good time, but I think that until you've tried it yourself that you wont fully beleive it.

Because I began to be quite coherent and functioning, I noticed how my mouth seemed to have swelled on either side. As I opened it I saw just how badly I had bitten the tissue on the sides of my mouth. I practically looked like The Godfather! It didn't seem too serious didn't bleed really. Still, it reminded me that this dose should probably not be repeated, as I hadn't noticed it at all before now. Well, at least my teeth were completely fine.

T +12:30
By now the time was around midday and I must say that the comedown was gentle, but weird. It took at least eight hours from I started to come down, till I was sober. I felt certain that this was because of the dose though.

I was absolutely wasted, but seriously didn't feel down at all; it was nothing like the MDMA crash. After I finally managed to sleep a bit I felt better but still tired. At night it wasn't super easy to sleep, but I did it without too much trouble. It was comparable to drinking a little too much coffee, no more.

The day after, I'm still feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, but now it's way more relaxed and actually kinda nice. Yeah seriously; who would have beleived that something similar to MDMA could give me what I would call an afterglow?? I feel like the roll is still affecting me, like waves after a storm. I'm filled with love and content and no depression in any way whatsoever. Only bummer is the tiredness, but with a trip of maybe 15+ hours and 500mg's of 6-apb, I think that is to be expected.

Sometime in the not too distant future, I will try this compound with some friends, since I think it's just as interesting as MDMA, just a bit different. They both feel magical and special, like treasures that are to be valued and respected.

Note on safety: I've heard so many reports on the internet with people having horrifying experiences with doses up to, but often below 300mg. So why didn't I have a bad time with 500mg (which is still insane)? Some would argue that it was bad quality, but the high I got from 130mg was easily comparable to my MDMA experience (normal dose, probably 120-130mg), so quality wasn't the problem. When I took more the intensity only rose a bit compared to the psychedellic effects and madness. Even though I will never wilingly take 500mg again (I think 150mg + 50mg redose would be perfect), I think it's made me more confident in the product and of course, the reseller. I hope more reports in the future will make it clear exactly what is the cause for the panic attacks and seizures. Just because I had a good time on 500mg does not mean it was a good idea. I read about people going to the hospital on 200-300mg, just for a comparison.

Signing off with love,

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102377
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 28, 2016Views: 4,476
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6-APB (516) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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