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The Place Where I Was Ceased to Exist
by brin
Citation:   brin. "The Place Where I Was Ceased to Exist: An Experience with DMT (exp102350)". May 30, 2020.

3 hits smoked DMT


The First Time It Worked

This is an account of my first successful DMT experience and to say the least it was amazing and life changing, although the exact details are hard to describe I will try my best.

The setting for this trip was the local common a few acres of grass, trees, some sandstone rock formations and a generally pleasant place to be. A Sunday night, the end of a pleasant early summer weekend. My mind set was generally good with a slight nervous feeling in my gut which only intensified as the time to trip got closer.

A good pal of mine, he had acquired the DMT for me the week before, rang me up about seven in the evening and said he was going to the common with another friend to do it and did I want to join them. It was right out of the blue and I wasn't expecting to do anything that crazy on a sunday night, but I knew he was experienced with DMT as it can be tricky to smoke so with some amount of fear I said ok and met them.

My pal A was the first to blast off, he seemed up for it and cool as a cucumber he had never done any psychs before, he just lay back with a huge grin and laughed a lot, seeing him relaxed me a little as I was quite anxious by then, I think that I read up way too much and had all these crazy ideas of what would happen.
I think that I read up way too much and had all these crazy ideas of what would happen.

So now it was my turn I tried to ignore my fear and I just hit the pipe and had three big hits, then there was no fear, the DMT overwhelmed everything else. The first thing that I noticed was after I exhaled the second hit the scene in front of me completely changed there was a large round bush about thirty meters ahead of me and it had transformed into something like a super detailed alien spider and the area all around seemed to be covered in similar shapes, very science fiction themed. When I exhaled the third hit I looked into my pal's face who was holding the pipe for me and it seemed pixelated, almost as if he was made of lego. Thing now got very intense and pleasurable, the place where I was ceased to exist I was looking up into the clouds and the shapes I was seeing was amazing, the whole sky was like a giant kaleidoscope like on LSD but so much more intricately detailed.

The next part of the trip my pal suggested I close my eyes, I did so and was instantly more amazed. I dont even know what I was seeing but it was huge like some form of alien spacecraft or technology the most detailed thing I have ever seen, like it was in super HD. I dont know how long I lay there for reveling in this alien world, it felt like forever but I think it was about ten minutes. After this part I felt reality slowly start to come back, I sat up and looked at the sandstone rocks in front of me and they seemed to be coated in shimmering mercury that flowed over them, it was beautiful. I then looked at the suede of my shoe and it had a tiny paisley pattern all over it. Another few minutes went by and I was more or less completely back to baseline, albeit with my mind blown in the best possible way. I'm sure this was not a breakthrough experience but it was a great first go and is still my best DMT trip yet (I've tried it twice since).

Reading over this I realize there's no way of fully explaining what the trip was like and the words seem insignificant but that's DMT for you. Its a truly awesome substance I find it incredible that it exists at all.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 437
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