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Shooting Up Dilute Solution
Citation:   Smalapander. "Shooting Up Dilute Solution: An Experience with Nicotine (exp102281)". Oct 18, 2019.

1 mg IV Nicotine (liquid)
At the time of this report I had not consumed any mind altering substances excluding a steady stream of nicotine and caffeine for quite some time.

I'm a curious mother fucker with a propensity for shooting things up. It'd been years since I'd shot anything and I came across a bag of old rigs in my old bedroom at home a while back. I decided to shoot up some nicotine hcl suspended in propylene glycol diluted with distilled water simply because I'm a somewhat hopeless drug addict at heart, no matter how much clean time I have. I meant to say I did it for science.

Anyway, I diluted a 0.1 cc of 100 mg/ml nicotine hcl solution with 5 ml distilled water. I drew up .5 ml which would theoretically total at about 1 mg nicotine. Pulled the plunger, saw red, pushed the plunger.
But I didn't. It was eerily reminiscent of banging cocaine just minus the well... cocaine part. It hit really fast, way faster than anything else I've ever shot. There was a definite rushing sensation and my heart started pounding. Surprisingly (IMHO) there was no noticeable euphoria. I believe if my brain was in a nicotine deprived state (it wasn't) that might change but I'm through with it for the time being regardless.

I've consumed nicotine via various methods for the majority of my life and I think that is what scared me. It's just nicotine, you know? All in all it just left me wanting to bang some coke. The next day at about 0.4 mg the sensation was quite underwhelming. It seems the dose response curve is pretty steep.
The next day at about 0.4 mg the sensation was quite underwhelming. It seems the dose response curve is pretty steep.

IV nicotine is no fucking joke.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 18, 2019Views: 3,618
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