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A Dreamy Time
DXM & Salvia divinorum
by He-Who-Lives
Citation:   He-Who-Lives. "A Dreamy Time: An Experience with DXM & Salvia divinorum (exp1021)". Apr 13, 2001.

T+ 0:00
8 oz oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 3:00 3 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


A Dreamy Time

One day I was at the DanceSafe web site and I saw DXM mentioned. I immediately investigated this drug, as I like to know about every substance out there. I followed the link to the online version of William White's DXM FAQ. As I read, I was surprised to hear that this was the drug that inspired folks in high school to drink cough syrup. Drinking cough syrup was kind of a joke with my group (we preferred the classic drugs like LSD), so I never studied it. After reading a large part of the FAQ, I decided to give it a whirl sometime. When my plans to attend a rave fell through, I resolved to experiment with DXM.

At approximately 11:30 PM I drank 2 bottles of Vicks 44 (472 mg DXM or 6.58 mg/kg). Plugging my nose, I took four shot-like drinks of the syrup. I was surprised that the taste was tolerable, as I had read that the syrup tastes horrible. Compared to eating morning glory seeds, this was nothing! I sit down to wait and read old issues of ER.

At Midnight I'm feeling a strong alcohol-like buzz. The cough syrup starts to burn in my relatively (I ate a light dinner around 6:30) empty stomach around 12:30. I get up to puke in order to relieve the burning. I didn't feel much nausea, just a burning sensation in my stomach. My sister asks if she can help. Damn! Is she still up?!! After I puke I feel better and am excited because it's coming on strong.

At 1:00 I am completely hammered. My whole body is buzzing like I've inhaled some nitrous. I fall in and out of vivid dreams. I remember one dream in particular that reminded me of an ER trip account. I was sitting around a table with a bunch of council members and just like in the account, I urgently felt that I didn't belong there. Startled, I woke up from the dream saying, 'I don't belong here!' Immediately I realized how incredibly stoned I was and had to puke, this time from the sheer dizziness of being that high! While I was puking, I could hear some one pissing very loudly outside, even though this was in January and the windows were closed. The sound was as clear as if I had been right beside him. I still don't know if there actually WAS anybody out there.

Around 1:30 I'm seeing double and I can't walk straight. It feels like I'm simultaneously VERY drunk, and tripping on acid and nitrous. I lay on the bed and listen to an ambient/dub mix. My whole body tenses to the music and I get the strong feeling that I've been in this state before on some other trip. The various parts of my body fuse into a pulsating energy mass that focuses on certain notes of the music, rises and pushes out at a point near my heart.

At approximately 2:30, I remember an ER account, involving DXM, 2-CB, and Salvia. I decide to smoke some 3-year-old Salvia Divinorum I had stashed. I never could get anything off of that Salvia and I've smoked a lot of it. I load it in the bong and smoke it. It grabs me!! I am projected into a VERY lucid 'dream' that involves expectations, imagination, and independent visionary aspects. Lots of cartoonish imagery in the miniature is manifested. After each peak, I keep smoking. A deep toke hits me in my right lung and splits my world between cartoon vision and the everyday world. The crazy thing is that not only the right side of my vision but the right half of my body is thrown into a vision!

In this vision, I see a large table in the miniature, with a woman hurrying around it, setting it for a dinner. Like in dreams I both talk to her and see myself talking to her. I assume that she is Ska Pastora but I feel like I'm talking to an equal rather than a higher spirit. I greet her and struggle to explain to her how I, as a monotheistic Christian, can accept her reality as the goddess/spirit/essence of the plant. She says nothing, but only glances at me with a quizzical expression and hurries to set the table.

After this, I come out of the vision while Salvia energy buzzes through my body and gradually subsides.

At 3:20, I'm coming down although it's still hard to see straight. I got to bed around 4:00 AM.

Later that week, I go back and re-read the trip descriptions in the DXM FAQ. I am startled to read that it is common to trip in miniature and incorporate into the trip, things you've read or experienced earlier that day. This explains the aspect of expectation and the ER stories incorporated into my visions.

I was most pleased with the magical synergy of the DXM and the Salvia, which was especially wonderful, considering that I have never successfully experienced the effects of Salvia before. I am especially excited about my encounter with the Salvia spirit. I don't know what to make of the encounter. However, I did find some sort of interpretation for the vision, although I don't know how valid it is. The next day I got the feeling that Ska Pastora was hurriedly setting the table for the increased amount of visitors she is now receiving as Salvia becomes more popular.
From reading other accounts and from my own experience, both DXM and Salvia Divinorum seem to be related to dreaming and definitely produce strong dream-like states. I am a frequent lucid dreamer but I have never experienced any dreams that vivid and lucid. The reality of the visions I experienced was so strong, I am reluctant to call them 'dreams.' All in all I greatly enjoyed my introduction to the Powers of dreaming and I have plans to begin using them as platforms for other substances.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1021
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 13, 2001Views: 8,526
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Salvia divinorum (44), DXM (22) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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