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Short Term Motor Problems and Dyskinesia
Citation:   Winslow. "Short Term Motor Problems and Dyskinesia: An Experience with MDPV (exp102046)". Feb 24, 2017.

  repeated vaporized MDPV (powder / crystals)
Long story short:

I smoked about 100-150mg of MDPV (GC/MS tested some weeks prior to the experience) throughout a small binge of 26 hours. Half way through I started to experience muscle shaking and some time later imbalance problems and a general lack of motor precision. I was rigid. I also felt pins and needles in my legs. My reflexes were bad.

I went to sleep and woke up 3 hours later unable to go back to sleep. My general motor coordination was horrible: My walking is impaired as I cannot move my ankles. The ankles are perfect, it seems that the signal from the brain is not getting there. I can't feel one half of one of my toes. I also have minor imbalance problems and my moves are clumsy, slow and imprecise. It is difficult to grab food from the fork or type in the computer.

Now the detailed version:

I am a bit concerned for my health and motor coordination since the last time I did MDPV. I have looked in scientific papers and anecdotal reports from the internet but found no case as mine. Let me explain:

I have been on a short MDPV (GC/MS tested some weeks prior to the experience) smoking binge that has lasted for about 26 hours, finishing this Sunday morning. Throughout that time I did not sleep, and had just a few pieces of fruit to eat. I drank plenty of water and took magnesium and vitamin supplements. Also just before the experience started and when I was half way through I took some valium to get rid of the edginess. I also took at the beginning some average dose of GHB.

I don't know exactly how much MDPV I smoked in total, I guess around 150 - 200mg. I started taking low doses but as time passed and tolerance settled I was taking almost three times as much as the initial dosages (but of course the rush was pretty lame in comparison). Doses were spaced sometimes an hour and sometime 20 minutes between each other.

There was a point around the 12 hour mark that I started to experience some shakes and twitches in the muscles that I was using at the moment, but not when they were relaxed. A little while later I started to experience some unbalance problems in which I would just lose equilibrium. I felt 'rigid'. Then I started experiencing some motor discoordination: My moves were slow, clumsy and imprecise. For example it was hard to smoke the MDPV in aluminium because it was very complicated for me to hold the flame at the correct distance while holding the aluminium and inhaling through the straw, I burnt the MDPV or dropped it most of the times. I also saw I wrote super slow on the computer and made mistakes all the time. As if I could not manage to hit the correct key. It was not a clumsiness that I'd get while being drunk or anything, it was just as if I was rigid, as if my muscles ware made out of wood. I also got some tingly feelings on my legs. I thought all these motor problems existed because I was high for quite some time already (I had previously only taken MDPV very rarely and on low dosages).

A little before finishing the 26 hour session I started to experience the beginning of some psychotic symptoms. It surprised me as I read it usually happened at the 3 days. These consisted on some weird noises and sounds, some visual distortions like seeing black things move in the corner of my eye, or small dust balls that seemed to move like insects. So I took a shower about 2 hours after the last dose and went to sleep. Before doing so I realised my moves were slow and my muscles still rigid and imprecise, but I thought I was just extremely tired. I was hoping for a long sleep to recover.

I woke up however about 3 hours later and unable to sleep again. I was feeling very bad physically and psychologically. I realised that I could not move my legs correctly, but I thought it must have been a postural thing during the night. I woke up and went to the bathroom and almost fell to the ground. My body was not obeying my orders correctly! I realised this effect happened with more intensity in my feet, I am not able to bend the ankle or my toes upwards at all, and this makes walking complicated. It is as if my brain can't send the signal to the ankle, so it doesn't move. It is very frustrating to think to do a movement and that it just does not happen. However the ankle is in perfect shape and has no restrictions as I can move it freely with my hand. I have also realised there is a lack of sensibility in half of one of my toes. I can feel the right part but not the left one. My general body movements are slow, rigid and imprecise. I am moving as someone who had done too much sport the previous day and now it hurts if he moves too much. I have also realised that my reflexes have gone down considerably and I make constant mistakes while using the computer as well as simple tasks as getting a potato with a fork. My balance is also quite bad.

3 days later: 'So far I am almost able to move my right leg correctly. It still feels a bit awkward and funny to move but its functional now. There is still this numbness in one of the toes which according to the doctor should be the first thing to disappear. As regards my left leg I am still not able to pull my foot upwards because the big toe is not moving upwards. It is very frustrating but I hope it will go away, as this was also a symptom on my other leg which has already subsided. It seems to be due to some sort of damage in the peroneal nerve. I hope it is not too severe and I am able to move my left foot correctly again.

As regards the rest of the body my motor coordination is almost fine. I can type on the computer at 90% of how I did before and my handwriting is almost fine. Of course I can't juggle or anything too complicated, but everything seems to be improving.

In conclusion it seems as I am recovering slowly. I don't know if I will gain my mobility completely but I really hope so. It's a pity because I am quite an athletic and agile person and I'm afraid that even if I fully recover, somehow it will not be the same again.

6 days later: 'Fortunately I am happy to say that I am very well now and recovering fast. The general motor issues (lack of coordination, dyskinesia, balance problems, etc...) subsided about 2 days later after my last dose, which I presume was due to very low dopamine levels in the brain. Since then I have only been experiencing problems in my feet and ankles which seemed to work in a different manner as the general motor problems I was feeling before, which makes me think that it is unrelated to the CNS: It seems that all these leg/feet issues were happening because of some sort of damage to the peroneal nerve. Why the damage was done I don't know, I am not very knowledgeable about the possible interactions between MDPV and nerve fascicles, and I don't know if the MDPV could have caused vasoconstriction and damaged these nerves.

However I have seen a fast recovery: Five days ago I could not move my ankles at all except in a downwards motion, and now I have full mobility on my right leg (and no more numbness) and almost complete mobility on my left leg. The problem there is that the toe still can't move upwards, which means that the deep part of the peroneal nerve is still in need of more recovery. I do exercises and stretches which have sure helped a lot. I have realised that the more I try to move the feet the better it gets. During the night I don't see much recovery but during the day after a walk or just doing some exercises on the area I definitely see some improvement. The only physical symptom I have left besides a general weakness and muscle loss is just this big toe issue on my left foot. Seeing the daily improvement on both my feet I hope it will pass soon.

It seems that I have been very lucky with all this. The outcome could have been much worse'

12 days later: 'Well I am happy to say that at this this point I am fully recovered. No motor problems, complete mobility of my legs, ankles and toes, no numbness, perfect balance. Feeling great.

I have been very lucky and have never appreciated physical health as much as I do now.'

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 102046
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Feb 24, 2017Views: 6,835
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MDPV (377) : Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Unknown Context (20)

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