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Not Worth It
Smoking blend containing 5F-AKB48
by Arthur Y.
Citation:   Arthur Y.. "Not Worth It: An Experience with Smoking blend containing 5F-AKB48 (exp101984)". Sep 30, 2016.

  smoked 5F-AKB48 (plant material)


After trying many brands of 'post-Spice' legal herbal incense, I can safely say that despite using various forms of synthetic cannabinoids (mostly 5F-AKB48 as of present) invented to circumvent the analog bans, the product remains a non-viable alternative to marijuana for several reasons.

Here are the main problems with the synth cannabinoids as they currently stand:

1) Razor-thin OD margin.

I could smoke weed until I'm blue in the face and not experience anything more than progressive fatigue and fogginess. That represents a safety margin that simply does not exist with synthetic cannabinoids. I could go from feeling virtually nothing to a full-on research chem freakout in a single puff. There is no burnt-out fogginess when I smoke too much herbal incense: I'm bewildered, terrified and paranoid to the point where I'm a serious danger to myself or others.

I once wandered a parking lot for an hour in a miserable, frightened state of total confusion, mentally willing myself not to throw up while searching high and low for my keys, which I was convinced I had dropped somewhere; they were hanging from my belt the entire time. The whole while I was aware that I could not control my appearance and was surely presenting as a whacked-out druggie who could barely string together a single sentence. Can I say I ever did that with weed? There is no concealing it; there is no 'being cool'. It's just an overwhelming paranoia and recognition I've OD'ed on a research chem that nobody has any idea what it does.

1) Too strong overall.

Even the weakest herbal incense I found was FAR from a 1:1 dosage match for weed like most people assume it will be; even the weak stuff is closer to 1:2. The really hot stuff is more like 1:10, which means a single bowl pack would instantly give me a horrifically mind-bending and potentially fatal OD.

People have called the synthetic cannabinoids 'Weed's Evil Crackhead Brother', and they're so right. It's the difference between a chill session with no risk and playing Russian Roulette with my brain.

2) 'Hot spots'

Since the plant matter is simply sprayed with synth. cannabinoids dissolved in acetone, the active ingredient is never uniformly present in the smoking blend. As such, I can never be sure whether I want half a bowl pack or a little pinch. Guess wrong and I'll end up a sweating, shivering, puking mess curled up in the corner, cursing myself for having bought it in the first place. Ask me how I know.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101984
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Sep 30, 2016Views: 1,313
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