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I Am Told I Went Completely Insane
by jason82
Citation:   jason82. "I Am Told I Went Completely Insane: An Experience with Datura (exp101839)". Jun 29, 2020.

5 - 40 seeds oral Datura


How Not to Do Datura

What you are about to read is a shinning example that datura is indeed not a drug to be taken lightly or in my opinion used period. I had been dating a wonderful woman with an amazing family for just over a month. I was completely down on my luck when we met and to this day still dont know why she took a chance on me. I noticed a datura plant growing in her grandmas front yard. Being curious I picked a seed pod and held on to it for a few days. I had read about this substance for years and wanted to try it but had never found it growing wild and refuse to purchase anything I intend to ingest from the internet. I have an extensive drug history I do not feel the need to qualify myself farther.

The first time I tried eating the seeds I had five as a test run. Nothing happened. I fell asleep. The next time fifteen. Again nothing I was beginning to wonder. But of course third times a charm or in my case a curse. I consumed forty seeds one morning approximately 11 am I was in good spirits and had no major worries pending that needed immediate attention that day. I did not have a sitter. Never have. Never really needed one. Began doing things to pass the time watched some tv played xbox checked facebook.

An hour or so in I began to feel different. Mildly fuzzy I guess but in previous experiences this had never happened.So I thought it best to go get in bed and cover up and see what happened. That is my last real memory. I am told I went completely insane. Ingested copious amounts of her grandmas medication including but not limited to gabapentin lorazapam tramadol her grandsons ritalin. Not some all of it roughly 200 mgs. I tried vaccuuming mattresses I went to the bathroom pissed all over the floors all in front of this poor woman and her grandchildren. My girlfriend and her mother were called along with an ambulance and the police. Thank God they handled the police I am on parole. I went to the hospital via ambulance and was admitted to the psych ward I finally came to somewhere around 48 hours later.

I still have somehow salvaged the relationship with the girlfriend but am mortified by my actions. I had been struggling on and off with sobriety but this drug may have finally given me the kick in the ass I needed to stop. I dont know if anyone will read this and take note of anything I have said but I am going on record as saying this is the most overwhelmingly powerful drug I have ever done and I have completed treatment for IV heroin use just for examples sake.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 101839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jun 29, 2020Views: 1,767
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