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Curling Faces Countless Colors
by Ohio Jones
Citation:   Ohio Jones. "Curling Faces Countless Colors: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp101767)". May 21, 2014.

1 hit buccal 25B-NBOH (blotter / tab)


Never having tried NBOMe's before, I entered this experience slightly nervous. On earlier experiences with the 2Cx series, I always vomited and experienced heavy body loads. Additionally, the NBOMe's have a reputation of being somewhat dangerous. This was the source of my concern, which turned out to be unnecessary.

A few days prior to the experience, I tested a small amount of blotter with reagents. As there are few reliable reports on the reactions out there, I feel I should share mine. The Marquis slowly changed yellow then transitioned to olive black. The Mecke began brown, and turned a reddish-brownish-black. Finally, the Simon changed blue. This last one may be very useful in distinguishing between LSD and 25x-NBOMe blotters.

The day of my experience, I fasted and abstained from caffeine. For 5 days prior, I also abstained from alcohol.

I dosed a single tab purported to be '1 1/2 hits strong' on a beautiful, warm, sunny Friday afternoon immediately after leaving a work meeting. The tab tasted bitter. To feel out the come-up, I decided to hike to a meadow. At T +15min, I began to feel a tingling numbness on my gums where the tab was placed, which gradually spread through my mouth. At roughly T+20min, I began to feel the first signs of a come-up. My eyes and body began to feel as if they were subtly vibrating.

I reached a pleasant meadow just as I came into a distinct +1 at roughly T+30min. Voices had a strange echo, and the grass beneath me seemed to arranged themselves symmetrical patterns, somewhat like Mescaline visuals. I abided by a sudden urge to lay down in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight. As I closed my eyes, I met gorgeous CEVs. There were colorful, spinning, emotive cartoon faces of various sizes, rotating around each other at varied speeds like clockwork gears. I felt happiness and love transfer from these visuals into my own being. The physical and emotional pleasure built as I blasted up to a brilliant ++++, flirting with breaking through to the next level. Every sound around me shifted tone to sound like laughter, every nerve in my body seared with the sensation of love. Clearly this was turning into a much more pleasurable trip than I anticipated.

At roughly T+2hrs, I opened my eyes and decided to walk to meet some friends. My mind wandered through musings of social structures, and the vibrations of pleasure and love continued to set a pleasant tone throughout the rest of the experience. Open eye visuals were initially kaleidoscopic and brightly coloured, and I would categorize my experience as still a ++++. I stopped to talk to wildlife en route to my friends, and watched the rays of the sunset dance in colorful triangles on the landscape.

At T +3hrs, I finally met up with other people, and was taken aback by what I saw. Their faces were bizarrely distorted, with their mouths continuing to wrap around their heads and encircle their eyes. It became extremely difficult to orient myself spatially. Additionally, I could not seem to discuss more than simple topics, because thoughts became too complicated of objects to transmit orally. By T+4 1/2 hours the difficulty expressing myself through speech subsided, however the disorientation persisted throughout the rest of the experience. Thankfully, my friends were more than helpful in safely guiding me/transporting me where I needed to go.

At T+5hrs, now down to about ++ or +++, I realized that I had been experiencing a strong degree of tactile pleasure, yet could not pinpoint when it began. I also found myself collected enough to begin to draw some of the visuals I was experiencing. My friends provided pizza and beer. Although I found the sensation of taste and the touch of food and drink on my tongue pleasurable, I decided I did not care to actually eat or drink. Occasionally between T+3 hrs and T+7hrs I would find it difficult to regulate my body temperature.

At T+9hrs, I was surprised that I was still tripping pretty good. Open and closed eye visuals continued unabated. Having thought the experience would have ended by this point, I decided to go to bed still tripping and enjoy the CEV's. I experienced vivid dreams that night, presumably because I was still tripping. Even the following morning, I felt I was still on a threshold experience. There was essentially no body load the following day, and I actually felt energized to hike about.

Overall I greatly enjoyed the experience. Although I anticipated a high body load, I did not experience that. This stuff does seem to last a while, so don't plan on making any major engagements the same day!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101767
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 21, 2014Views: 9,981
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25B-NBOMe (564) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Hangover / Days After (46), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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