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Rumble in the Jungle
by Horizbiz
Citation:   Horizbiz. "Rumble in the Jungle: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT (exp101693)". Jan 5, 2017.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Moclobemide
  T+ 3:00 7 mg insufflated 4-HO-DiPT
  T+ 3:30 7 mg insufflated 4-HO-DiPT


5:50P Insnuff 7mg

At 30 min not a lot is going on. I have done a low dose because of taking Moclobemide 150mg about 3 hours earlier. I don’t think its attenuating the affects after a half hour so….

6:20 insnuff 7mg

6:30 Feeling the come up now, continues over the next 40min. There is an underlying energy causing muscle tension, tendency to grind teeth. Dancing and walking feels good. Sitting still is difficult.

6:50 Take call from wife. Can communicate but that come up is distracting. I am almost running laps around the apartment now. Color saturation in earth tone takes hold. No noticeable OEV or CEV. This is a raw physical trip that connects you to your body.

7:30 Get off phone put on some jazz. Feeling the erotic side of it now. The initial urge to do laps has abated. The tryptamine cycles peak out in a physical steaming jungle. Music is lush these are animal base euphoric waves. This is the distinct pleasure of being an absolute part of the natural physical world. Not too much empathy here. I lay down close my eyes and my wife appears. She is in a cat suit that shimmers in shades of aquamarine and turquoise. On the suit is painted in exquisite detail her coat. The suit has no seams and I cannot determine how she got into it. She moves like a cat. Jumping, prancing, and licking her paws. Her legs are smooth powerful elegantly graceful, every motion moves through her body in sensual waves. She is a seductress, playfully she rolls on her back and exposes her white underbelly, smiles and leaps to her feet circling never taking her green eyes off me. Her face is catlike but still her. I chase her through the jungle. The air drips, I see only her; my body weaves through underbrush and trees effortlessly on its own. She lets me catch her, we roll together, our bodies wrapping around each other. We are animals. We are in our world. We couple and then she leaps away with a mischievous look, I lay chase. Pure bliss.

8:50 Notice that wife has called and call her back. Can talk but the waves do come and make communication difficult.

10:00 get off phone. I have definitely been running hot and try to drink some seltzer. The stomach does not approve. Water only. I think I am hungry who wouldn’t be with all the rumbling in the jungle going on. Go to store and get some fruit and take it to the park. Stomach still not happy and I consider a return to the apt in case something lets loose.

The park is deserted, it has just rained and it cool. The air feels wonderful, I think of my cat-wife again. Diuretic effects have kicked in and I mark my territory. Eat some fruit. Stomach feeling better, quite delish. Got to remember to have this stocked next time.

10:30 still feeling the waves. There is a combination of a physical pleasure in combination with a muscle tightening energy in each wave. They are trailing off at this point but still noticeable.

11:20 start writing. Very awake and up.

12:00 finish writing. Still awake. Could go out now. Take Advil to get to sleep. Well this certainly turned out to be a little more than I expected. Stomach has pretty much returned to normal.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101693
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Jan 5, 2017Views: 1,090
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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