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Reboot Button
Citation:   Doctor Stupid Ph.D. "Reboot Button: An Experience with Datura (exp101634)". Jan 23, 2020.

30 - 40 seeds oral Datura (fresh)
I collected some seed pods from a plant in the neighborhood (exact species unknown). I read some experience reports, positive and negative, and decided to try. My primary reason for doing this was curiosity and wanting to have a psychedelic experience (I have done psychedelic substances before, but never tried datura), and also because I was feeling stuck and wanted to gain some perspective on a work/career related situation. I am not on any prescription medication and did not use any other substances before ingesting. I consider myself fairly well balanced emotionally, and I was up for the challenge and feeling adventurous. I had a few days off work so timing was good.

Before I get into it, based on my own experience, here are some strongly suggested precautions. I advise to have at least 24 hours post consumption to resume normal activity. If you have to go to work or do something important the next day - DON'T EAT DATURA. This is not an ideal outdoor activity. I would also advise to have something on hand for the possibility of a headache and nausea.

At 11:00pm I consumed the contents of one small seed pod, the seeds were white in color therefore not 'ripe'
I consumed the contents of one small seed pod, the seeds were white in color therefore not 'ripe'
(ripe seeds are brown) and did not have a hard shell, so it was unnecessary to grind them up. The pod probably contained approx 30-40 small seeds (didn't count). I did this in the comfort of my apartment, I live alone.

By 1230am I had a substantial body buzz and my legs felt weak - I found it difficult to walk. After approx 0100am I could not keep my eyes open and went to bed. I didnít sleep well, tossing and turning, and woke up frequently to drink water and go to the bathroom. I found it difficult to initiate the stream of urine. My depth perception was off, reaching for the roll of toilet paper was a challenge. During one of the bathroom trips I forgot where the toilet paper was. My mouth and throat were extremely dry. Every time I took a sip of water I had the physical sensation that it wasn't going down into my stomach and had to burp to make the sip go down. This combined with the dry mouth and the need to drink almost constantly... Not fun. At 0830am when I got up to go to the bathroom I had a mean headache and mild nausea, for which I took a pain killer and an anti-nausea tablet. I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 5pm. I had colorful dreams the contents of which I do not remember.

When I got up the unpleasant physical sensations were thankfully all gone. I did not feel hungry at all even though I slept for 16 hours. I was still under the influence. I went out for a walk. My perception was different. All lights seemed brighter. I was noticing all the places where light was reflecting off of objects (at one point I thought all cars got washed today because they were all so shiny). I went to the park, where there was a small lake. The water was liquid silver. The rustling of the leaves in the wind was beautiful. Some of the trees had already lost all their leaves, and the bare branches against the dusk sky was also quite striking. I had that reverie feeling...

I hung out with a group of people briefly, which was interesting. I could sense their essences and emotional states, more so than usual (I work in healthcare and can read people well). I did get my insight on the work situation, in a nutshell I was being fearful and made excuses to justify not trying to find work in a different city. Moving is scary, and I need to take my own advise. I gave this advice to a friend who was trying to decide between a local and non-local job, and I told her to 'pick the one that scares you more and do that'. I can't be ruled by fear, and so, the lesson from the park is... When the wind blows, the tree branches bend, because if they didn't bend they would break. The wind is blowing and I need to bend and see where it will take me.

In conclusion, the experience was quite taxing physically, more so than I anticipated (see suggested precautions above... ) I do not regret it and would do it again if I ever feel 'stuck' like this again. It was like an internal reboot button.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101634
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jan 23, 2020Views: 1,765
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Datura (15) : General (1), Alone (16)

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