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So Fun Yet So Short
by Dr. Feelgood
Citation:   Dr. Feelgood. "So Fun Yet So Short: An Experience with Etaqualone (exp101414)". Oct 2, 2013.

450 mg oral Etaqualone (powder / crystals)


Male, 22, healthy build. Take one multivitamin, 150mg-300mg gabapentin for anxiety, both daily. Stopped 1 week prior to dosing etaqualone.

Had lots of experience with all kinds of downers benzos, opiates, psychedelics stimulants. Weed, you name it. From the basic to rare and exotic.

I took 1mg etizolam and 100mg tramadol the night before this, besides that only pot smoked all week.

I smoked cannabis and cigs all through this report, as I usually do.

Swallow approx 500-mg
Its odd dumping a big pile of powder without some anxiety as the powders I handle are usually active in amounts 100's of times smaller then the pile I'm looking at now.

Yup all ready a lil high I'm pretty sure.

11:15 Initial wondering about if I just ate a mislabelled chem gone.
Now just hoping I didn't eat a bunk synth chem. Ill chalk up that 10:58 entry to placebo

Stood up. Woah, nice and uncoordinated. A bit of a content mindspace. Having fun waving arms around and rolling on floor giddy and stupid. Wish wasn't so cheap per dose or id deff be getting down on this often.

Nice euphoria too. Like a uppidy opioid. Not as lovey or solidly content feeling as opiates.

Guess I didn't get a bunk batch cause I'm high as shit. Really fun to rotate my torso and let my arms flail around

Too uncoordinated to type notes now, Using siri to input text.
Outside for a cig, Damn I love these things at this point.
They turn my body to Jell-O and the hardest concrete floor into a fluffy bed of feathers or cotton.

Took a good amount of time to figure out why my computer wasn't controlling my iPhone volume.

Body is so loose it feels weird to cough

Decide to go for a walk look at my board on the way out and think that would be so much fun but I'm way too any related to ride my skateboard right now.

Still feel content, a slight bit of dysphoria, Feel like my inner monologue is being narrated in the 3rd person. EX: ok so there's the clouds, they look nice to me, there's the moon, I enjoy how its illuminating the street.

I'd certainly be one of those fools playing a highly inflated price for eludes once they were made illegal kind of like what happened with that OC's and OP's

I want to take this with my friends, I want a huge stash of these, for every Friday I love them

Marked decrease in effects.

Baseline, Play gta for a hour

Fall asleep

Got a good nights rest and woke up not feeling at all groggy from the Etaqualone. So glad I got to get an idea of why ludes were so popular. The short duration is a real bummer because it is really very enjoyable. Its an amazing analgesic. I'm usually in horrible pain in my back from work. While on the etqualone it was not noticeable.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101414
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 2, 2013Views: 14,343
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Etaqualone (613) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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