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'Hey! She's Seizing!'
LSD & Lithium
Citation:   afriendofafriend. "'Hey! She's Seizing!': An Experience with LSD & Lithium (exp101413)". Apr 28, 2020.

2 hits oral LSD  
    oral Pharms - Lithium (daily)
Do Not Mix Lithium and Acid

My friends and I attended a carnival/rave just a week ago. All 4 of us were taking our respective drugs of choice but had no intention of it being a heavy hitter night. Our two friends took paper tabs of acid (which in my experiences, have been very weak in effect) that were from the same sheet.

We arrived at approximately 9pm. Both friends dosed and we went into the event. By 11-12am, I was sitting next to a hospital bed, fishing in my friends purse for her ID and Insurance cards to give to the nurse.

~30 Minutes after their doses were taken, both friends started to trip. Both seemed to be awash in a sensory sea and appeared to be enjoying themselves. However, soon after, while Friend 1 (F1) who had taken one dose was smiling (but quiet), Friend 2 (F2) who had taken 2 doses was apparently in her own world but, as far as we could see, calm and responsive.

Soon, I was babysitting (not meant as a derogatory term. Considering our relative sobriety, the responsibility was on us to watch over those who need it) F2 as she had started to act a little weird
I was babysitting (not meant as a derogatory term. Considering our relative sobriety, the responsibility was on us to watch over those who need it) F2 as she had started to act a little weird
(sniffing people) and making sporadic, detached comments.

About an hour or so in, F1 and I are coming off of a ride and we see our other friend and F2 sitting on the ground hanging out. F2 is laying down and being pet by our other friend (nothing out of the ordinary here) so we go to join them.

We strike up conversation with a few other folks when I look over and see F2, propped up on her arm, with her face completely locked in, what I can only describe as an extreme death grimace. One of the people talking to us points at her and says 'Hey! She's Seizing!' as she drops to the ground and begins to convulse. I understood that having a seizure can lead to your tongue rolling back in your throat and your jaws locking up so I've propped her up on my lap and with several fingers between her teeth while I look for something to wedge in. While this is happening, people are casually talking about it like it'll wear off 'Yea its a grand mal seizure. She'll eventually come out of it'. Security was called and 'Medical help' were summoned.

EMTs eventually arrived and started treatment. They propped her on her side in case she threw up. Her jaw had snapped shut so they had to pry it open before shoving the torn off antennae of a radio between her teeth. Looking at her again, her eyes had gone completely crossed and down with lids wide open. My friend had been seizing for a considerable amount of time. I don't know how long, someone said 10 or 20 minutes though it was likely somewhere in the middle. The EMTs were asking if anyone knew who my friend was and the medical staff kept yelling no, and they just found her this way. I eventually out-yelled them and identified myself and other friends as being with her. The EMTs then asked what drugs she was on. They expected it to be bad E, 'Test her I'll bet it comes back as meth' said one EMT (maybe police?) one of the medical staff blurted out 'I Recognize this. It's a bad PCP reaction.' Again, I have to out-yell them until someone finally hears me say '2 hits of acid' which the EMTs completely disregard. Reactions like this don't come from 2 hits of acid, right?

We're in the ambulance now. I've volunteered to ride along while F1 (who has been standing next to me the entire time) and our other friend drive to the hospital. In the ambulance they have to tie sheets around F2's wrists, waist, and ankles to keep her from sprawling all over. She is quite small, about 5' and not much weight but extremely muscular and was giving 3 large EMTs a difficult time because of how bad her seizure was. The EMT told me her blood pressure was at 137/90 (I think, 137 is right, I can't fully recall what the diastolic level was).

They give her propofol to relax her. She starts to come to again toward the middle of the ride. She thought she was in the hospital already but when asked any details she would just respond 'I just don't know what matters'. I didn't like that the EMTs were so steadfast on bad Ecstasy as I knew she had only taken acid and had babysat her for the rest of the night to watch her water intake. This ruled out an additional dose of something else. I didn't know how treatment went for individual drug reactions and was afraid mistreatment might be administered. I knew F2 takes psychiatric medications for something but was unsure of what. While we were on our way to the hospital I was looking up what I could on my phone. In particular, I think 'Acid Seizure' gave me a blue light link to a story that linked Lithium and Acid with seizures and I researched from there.

When we arrived in the ER she was gradually becoming more lucid. The doctors asked her if she had any psychiatric issues and she stated 'Bi-Polar disorder'. They then asked her what she took, but it was worded awkwardly. F2 stated a list of drugs she had taken for Bi-Polar and the staff, I think, took that as what she took THAT NIGHT. Still afraid of misdiagnosis and mistreatment, I told the nurses that she had taken 2 hits of acid and that acid was notorious for inducing seizures when mixed with lithium. I then went over to F2 and clearly stated 'What medication do you currently take for your bi-polar disorder' to which she replied 'oh! I take lithium.'

The nurses seemed to get the point here but it turns out there wasn't much to be done anyways. F2 was hooked up to an IV drip, her insurance was run, the doctor came in, looked at a monitor (EKG?), asked her some terse questions, then disappeared never to be seen again. I sat with F2 for ~an hour before she was finally given the OK to go home.

I want to take a moment to talk about the 'Medical Help' that was at this park/rave. I need everyone to understand that they were of literally no help whatsoever and did nothing but stand around and gawk. They were not trained in any way nor were the senior staffers. I suspect they were possibly undergrad med students by how many had the audacity to tell me they were studying 'This kind of stuff' (My friend seizing on the ground) and how they thought it was interesting. I would not assume that any event is staffed by trained professionals. Trained people cost money, staff is likely volunteers. I would consider that when choosing your dose along with the plethora of other variables that go into any kind of intoxication (even beer. Hell, ESPECIALLY beer).

Be safe out there

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101413
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 28, 2020Views: 1,592
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Pharms - Lithium (91), LSD (2) : Health Problems (27), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Second Hand Report (42), Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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