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Intense and Hallucinatory
by Kyle
Citation:   Kyle. "Intense and Hallucinatory: An Experience with MDA (exp101404)". Aug 21, 2016.

250 mg insufflated MDA (powder / crystals)


I had been getting MDA in powder form and doing it about once a week all summer long from the same guy. Usually I would eat most of the dose and snort a little to go along with it. This had been very enjoyable and never too intense. My doses never exceeded about .2 grams in a night.

On one particular night later in this summer, my friends came to visit me and we were all out drinking at the bar. We only stayed for about two drinks before I got the idea to go back to the apt. and take some MDA. I had been pushing my limits with drugs this summer and I was feeling pretty ambitious that night.

I had a couple of grams of MDA there, and I decided that we could try to split a gram between the 4 of us. Everyone agreed that this would be fine. (Just to set the tone we were all in a pretty good mood and were comfortable with each other)

For some reason I wanted to snort all of mine instead of eating some of it like usual. Everyone wanted to do this with me, so I broke up the gram into .25 gram piles. I decided to snort my entire dose at the same time. My other friend who is a girl decided to try this as well. The 2 others were to just do half and wait to do the other part when they felt ready (probably a smart decision).

I managed to snort the whole thing in one go, which is a pretty hefty line. It burned an extremely large amount but I was used to snorting this stuff so it didn't faze me. I came up in seconds. I was higher than I've ever been on MDA/MDMA. As soon as I had finished the line, it became very hard to focus on any one thing. We were listening to The Raconteurs album: Consolers of the Lonely. The sounds were very intense. I starting stumbling about the room without much control. It felt really good to do that. I ventured down a skinny hallway and was literally bouncing off the walls from side to side. I thought this felt amazing.

I made my way back into the room where everyone was. My friend who was also trying to snort the whole thing at once had not succeeded. The burning sensation was too much for her. She was now curled up in a ball in her boyfriend's lap holding her nose and having a very bad time. I saw this and became very worried. I went over and asked if she was alright. My attention span was very short and my memory also very short term at this point. I would continually ask if she was alright, forget what I was doing, spin around the room, then go back and ask if she was alright again.

Eventually she calmed down and was doing fine. Everyone else took their doses much slower than I did. We all (everyone else and not me I assume, because I was unable to make any decisions at this point) decided that we wanted to go outside and walk somewhere. They all wanted me to roll a blunt before we left because I was the only one who could. I remember my friend asking me to roll it and giving me the blunt, but then I would forget what I was doing and put it on the table and spin around the room again. This happened at least a few times before I actually rolled the blunt. Finally, after I did, we set out on our adventure.

Up until we left I had not been having any visual disturbances but this quickly changed when we went outside. The sidewalk and grass would open up into fractals and then close back in on itself over and over again. Another really weird thing happened when I looked at signs, or parking meters or anything of that nature. I would look at it straight on and then I would see the thing spin a complete 360 rotation and then go back the way it came over and over. This whole time I am not freaked out at all, everything just feels really, really good and I am super happy.

The rest of the time we are out on our adventure I pretty much can't remember. There were two things that stick out. I remember rolling down a hill like little kids do, which obviously felt really amazing to me. I can also remember that I kept seeing this light on top of a crane and I could not for the life of me figure out what it was over and over again.

Nothing else notable happened that night but I will say that I had an afterglow effect which lasted for about 4 days. I just felt extremely happy with everything for 4 days. This didn't end with a depression period though, I just went back to normal feeling.

All in all, crazy experience compared to other ones I have had rolling. Very disorienting.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 101404
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Aug 21, 2016Views: 2,489
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MDA (34) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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