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Stimulus, Response, Stimulus, Response
by pleasance
Citation:   pleasance. "Stimulus, Response, Stimulus, Response: An Experience with DPT (exp101319)". Oct 14, 2015.

4 lines insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


DPT and the Erotic

Dosage: 75mg (weighed out 82 mg, but some powder caught on the inside of snorting tube)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weight: 145lb

So it all began with four 20mg lines laid out on a mirror at my desk. Immediately after insuffulation, I use a medicine dropper to pour a bit of water into my nose to prevent clumping and aid the transfer of the DPT across my mucous membrane. I hop in the shower, now at T+0:03, and though there is no cognitive distortion yet, colors are brighter and tend to bleed into each other. My shampoo bottle is green, and around it there is a green halo maybe two feet in circumference. I have the Glenn Gould recording of the Goldberg variations playing in the other room, and the solitary piano somehow strikes me as lonely... There's an overwhelming silence behind the music, and even though I appreciate the beauty of the piece, it makes me sad. I hop out of the shower, dry off a bit, and change the music to Mahler's 9th symphony and hop in bed. This piece was a perfect combination with the trip, and I must stress how the entire trip revolved around the music I had playing.

The trip is constantly gaining momentum, I feel like I'm on a train accelerating to the edge of a cliff... Its important to note that 95% of my psychedelic experience has been with various phenethylamines (mescaline, 2c-b, 25c-NBOME, MDMA, MDMC) and LSD, so I haven't really had much experience with the tryptamine headspace other than various doses of shrooms (no more than 4g at a time) and DMT twice.

I'm laying in bed, and my room is vibrating (I'm at a solid +3). I have a map of the world hanging above my bed, and it's swirling and morphing into all sorts of beautiful shapes (note that I didn't get any stereotypical fractal patterns, though I imagine those would emerge at higher doses). Even though I have taken largeish doses of LSD (up to 5 hits at ~75ug a hit), my trips are usually very non-visual in nature. This is the first trip I've had (other than DMT) where I have full blown OEVs.

Then I closed my eyes... I was traveling down a kaleidoscope tunnel, shapes and colors throwing themselves at me. What was most interesting was the end of the tunnel; it was a large screen playing out scenes at me. First a monk scribing books in a grand cathedral, then a mother comforting her crying child, then all sorts of other visions I can't clearly remember, as they were just impressions.

I decide it would be fun to masturbate, and hop up to grab some lube. SWEET JESUS. I closed my eyes as the second movement of the piece began (t+0:30) and the sensations and colors and experiences I felt were AMAZING.

While doing this I was left with a very clear impression of how I and all human beings are complete slaves to our urges. We have urges to eat, have sex, sleep, laugh, cry, and we have almost no control over these. I realize that most, if not all people, have little control over their destiny because they are prewired to respond to things in certain ways, just like bugs. Stimulus, response, stimulus, response.

Ejaculation was beautiful, colors pulsed and swirled and then slowed to a throb. I hopped up, took ten seconds in the shower to clean myself off, then I decided to go upstairs and enjoy a cup of tea and a cliff bar (yet again having the same impression of urges and their complete control over our behavior). Both tasted good. (I almost never experience nausea on psychedelics, so this could just be me.) I decide that since I'm over the peak (t+1:15) and on the tail end of the plateau, a walk would be fun.

I live in a town famous for its architecture, and I decide to walk down town and admire the buildings. As I'm strolling through my neighborhood, I walk by people and am impressed by the tribal nature of mankind. The relatively slummish vibe of the area just outside downtown irks me, and I decide to go back home. I'm still very altered, but I'm functional enough that the bliss of the trip is gone. A friend calls me to ask if we could hang out later, I tell him I'm tripping and the concept of a phone is disturbing me, so I need to hang up and call him back in an hour or two.

Within 30 minutes, visuals are completely gone, and I am back to a slightly tired baseline. This was a great experience, I think I'm going to try it either via IM or IV next time, as the stuffed nose I had was bothersome while tripping, and both are much more economical.



Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101319
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 14, 2015Views: 1,333
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), General (1)

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