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Whizzing Around A Circuitboard
B. muricata & 4-HO-MET
by PsilocybeChild
Citation:   PsilocybeChild. "Whizzing Around A Circuitboard: An Experience with B. muricata & 4-HO-MET (exp101270)". May 23, 2016.

125 g oral Banisteriopsis muricata (tea)
  28 mg oral 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)


Trip Report:

Condensed tea of 125g B. Muricata + 28mg 4-HO-MET

I am very experienced with all manner of substances especially psychedelics, well known and not.

Came home from having a few drinks, chugged a tall glass of spring water to try and flush alcohol from system.

Drank the muricata tea. Weighed out the 4-HO-MET, threw it on back of tongue and washed it down. Started straightening up room. After a little I needed to lay down. Turned off lights and closed my laptop, and put on Mindfold. And I was gone.

My memory is hazy. I remember whizzing around what felt like a circuit board. I vaguely remember popping out on like a subway in japan? And seeing rainbow colored Japanese lettering coming out of one particular standing female. Perhaps her thoughts? Or a communication.
Whizzing around again. This felt warm and euphoric, not cold and mechanical. During this I was also listening to buzzing and clicking, like a hard drive or something.

At one point I was seeing lots of alien language symbols. These were very sleek and uncomplex. Almost like Tibetan language in the sleekness but less complex. Kind of like a much less curvy, sleek version of this tilde: ~ .

I remember at times removing the Mindfold in the middle of this and seeing my room as shades of grey with everything shuttering and a membrane of complex geometric patterning over everything.

I remember at one point lying in bed and feeling like female spirit/spirits were lying on top of me and kissing/licking my neck?

At one point I was making ssssss sounds like a snake. And this felt like 'their' language. The ssss sounds had such dimension to them and felt as if it was an entire language. I felt as I made these sounds, my experience glowed as if more information flowed through me. Tho untranslatable to me- the language, ect. It made me feel as though my spirit animal was a snake.

At one point I reflected on my ex-girlfriend who'd best be described by the Cure lyrics:

I found myself alone alone alone,
Above a raging sea,
That stole the only girl I loved,
And drowned her deep inside of me.

A girl that I have been on and off a million times with with for over 8 years. Who is now addicted to heroin and back with an old ex. I saw images of her with a skull over her. I consider the skull to mean: wrong path, demon; addiction, repressed psychological, emotional issues, defenses from opening up blockages and releasing addiction, bad energy, sickness, bad spirits. While seeing this image I felt strain in my heart. I have tried to guide her, reached out to her many times, even accompanied her on that road, rather than judging it from an outside, unknowing, experienced perspective. I have told her I have been far enough down the road with her, even shot heroin, and see that there's not much left to see here, and that would she take my hand and go back with me? I would like her to veganize her diet, work with medicines, like Iboga, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Kambo, etc. To become healthy and free of addiction. But it proves futile and I must now focus on myself.

A bit later I saw more skulls which were very beautiful and alien. Upon reflecting on them I felt strain in my heart again, as if to say these symbols, skulls, come from darkness and I should pull back, not lose myself in that direction/distraction.

[FYI the feelings in my heart-space, to me, are not at all attributable to the said substances. I have been reading a book lately on Ayurveda which talks about different feelings and emotions being correlated with different organs of the body. e.g. grief and sadness with the lungs, and the heart (as well as the lungs) the abode of grief and sadness.

After experiencing one of the worst, albeit short, bouts of depression I have in years, I find the above information to be true. And have recently been feeling sensations of the heart, especially at times of negative/sad thoughts.]

I began to come down.

Outside of the greyscale vision that occurred in the midst of visions, (before and after) everything was beautiful. It reminded me of how I have Linux on my computer and it looks very streamlined and sleek and aesthetic compared to windows. This was like putting on a new consciousness. An alien insect/reptile consciousness where I could hear and see to an amazingly enhanced degree. Crazy trails, but the trails did not feel debilitating at all. They seemed to enhance my vision. Honing in and tracing lights back to their sources.

Almost like in Terminator 2 how his vision scans and reads everything like a computer. It reminded me of that but more organic and enhanced in a biological way, like the eyesight of a hawk.

The trip had begun to fade quickly, but enhanced senses of sight and hearing remained. I would also look at things, say on my computer, and hear multiple different voices, and personalities commenting on what I was looking at. These lasted a while and were very humorous and felt very separate from my own consciousness. These were in different dialects, like African-american, Australian.

After a while I tried to get at least one, two, three, hours in of sleep before work. Which proved futile. I had made the mistake of drinking some organic coffee and guayusa well after the trip as well as doing an enema with them. And could not silence my brain enough for sleep after.

I had been in a slump of depression for days beforehand. But all in all a very easy and positive experience that left me glowing and ready to take on my days. Just wish it was a bit more lucid and that I was able to make more sense of what I experienced.

4-HO-MET is one of, if not my favorite psychedelic, and I'd been wanting to try this combination for a while. If the shamans say the Banisteriopsis is the cave and the DMT is the light, I replaced the DMT tryptamine with the 4-HO-MET tryptamine for my light source. And felt it was deserving of the last of my best MAOi source - B. muricata rather than rue or something.

I think the intelligences behind the 2 spaces were glad to meet.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101270
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: May 23, 2016Views: 2,215
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4-HO-MET (436), Banisteriopsis muricata (743) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3)

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