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Inclined to Recline
by MrMoran
Citation:   MrMoran. "Inclined to Recline: An Experience with Allylescaline (exp101254)". Sep 8, 2013.

27 mg oral Allylescaline (powder / crystals)
  10 mg oral Amphetamines (daily)


Previously tried compounds relevant to the experience: 2C-I, 2C-E, 2C-T-2, MDMA, LSD, 25(G,C,I,B)-NBOMe

Dosage: 27mg - gelatin capsule with powdered substance inside. The allylescaline was estimated to be at 98% purity.

Going into this, I knew next to nothing about it. I had seen it available for approximately a year before I decided to try it, and after having tried it now, I wonder why I didn't try it earlier. About the only things I knew about it were that it lasted approximately 8-12 hours, that it was somewhat similar to mescaline or MDMA, that it was relatively clear-headed, and that its dosage was between 20-35mg. Given this dosage range, I decided that 27mg was probably a high enough dosage for me to evaluate its effects.

On this given day, I was feeling rather optimistic, and had planned on setting aside the day for analysis and experimentation. I knew that it would last a while, but my house was relatively empty which meant that I would not be disturbed too much by people during this. At approximately 9:30am, shortly after waking up from a full night's rest, I began the experiment.

0:00 - I swallow the pill, and proceed to take a shower and go about my morning business. While I am prescribed 10mg amphetamine for ADHD, I initially had chosen to forego my dosage. Not knowing how allylescaline would affect my blood pressure, I chose initially not to chance it.

0:10 - I may have felt my first alert, but it could have been placebo.

0:30 - At this point I went grocery shopping with my friend. Around this time, I began to notice a minor change in my perception. My skin felt warm, the sky (which had a storm blowing in soon) looked moderately more interesting. My thoughts remained the same - no real 'headspace.' +

0:45 - I am certainly feeling something in my body at this point. My body feels somewhat similar to how it is on MDMA or 5-MeO-MiPT, or some kind of amphetamine. Mildly stimulating. My skin felt somewhat soft, and I found myself in light spirits and good humor. Also a minor metallic taste became present, which leads me to believe that it acts partially on norepinephrine. Certainly a phenethylamine in the way in its stimulant-like effects. +

1:00 - At this point it became very apparent that something was there, but it wasn't really showing its effects. Nausea comes and goes, but is very mild. It could have been from anxiety, or the compound – I am not certain. At this point, and for the remainder of the trip, I felt inclined to lay down or sit down, and did so periodically during this time. My skin felt soft and warm, but that feeling never really left - it increased with the onset of the effects for me. +

1:15 - I learn the first real difference between most of the 2C series and this particular compound - my body wasn't sensitive to temperature changes in the way it normally is with 2C's. I had an urge to smile, but it wasn't as forced as the 2C's are, nor was it as temperamental. In fact, it didn't really have much of the force that 2C's had at all, it was very gradual and slow in its onset. Gentle, too. Mentally, my thoughts were still clear, but the effects were apparent. The MDMA-like feelings were very apparent, but without the rush that amphetamines had. It was almost as if it had taken MDMA, took out the stimulating effects, replaced it with psychedelic effects, and called it good. I vomited briefly (one quick spit-up, really), and began to notice at this point that colors were much more enhanced. Lighting contrasts were also much more apparent. Colors were particularly more vibrant, with warm tones beginning to show, and were enriched. They didn’t seem saturated, nor did they feel too contrasted, but a nice rich balance between the two.

At this point, I felt as though the compound was mostly (if not entirely) benign. It was slow, steady, gentle, but strong. ++

2:15 - Up until this point, I felt as though I was climbing. I noticed a good amount of energy pumping through my body - primarily I felt really warm in my hands and arms. With isobutyl-nitrite (a vasodilator), it changed the energy. The energy no longer focused itself in my hands particularly when the nitrite was acting in my system. It was less focused but moved much more freely - I could feel it travel up my arms and to my chest. This may suggest that the allylescaline is a very mild vasoconstrictor, as my limbs did not feel particularly cold.

There were some modest visuals, but what I primarily noticed were the tracers and the colors. Unlike my experience with some of the 2C's, there was a complete absence of patterning. Up until this point, I hadn't really encountered a compound that could be considered visual without patterns, but this compound took me by surprise in this instance. I speculate that mescaline would be different, but until I try it, I will not know.

Music had more depth. It was enhanced in the way that tripping typically enhances music - I certainly felt like it was deeper than some other compounds I had tried, and had an inherent richness to it, but it wasn't the focus of the compound. That was the tactile sensations.

The tactile sensations were the very core of this compound. If I smoked a cigarette while on this, I felt 'inclined to recline' (as I had written in my notes). I didn't want to move too much. It wasn't as though there was a body anxiety to this compound (2C's always make me anxious and nauseous), but this was incredibly mild and manageable. And yet it was still a phenethylamine. I felt SOFT. Everything. It was very akin to MDMA in that regard.

At this point, it was about noon, and I decided to take 10mg of d-Amphetamine extended release. +++

3:30 - The trip had no shown no signs of slowing down. I knew it was a good idea to start early in the day with something like this. The amphetamine I had taken about an hour ago was also active by this point.

One thing I noticed here that was particularly interesting and different was that it wasn't wave-like in the way that 2,4,5-arrangement (on the benzene ring) phenethylamines do. 2C-E, 2C-I, 25-X-NBOMe, whatever it was for me - it all came and went in waves when I was on any of them. I would trip hard at some points, and feel like I was tripping less at others.

With this, however, with the 3,4,5 arrangement, I found some very interesting and different properties. Primarily, it was constant; there were no 'waves' or mini-peaks. This is something I felt was rather unique to allylescaline – even MDMA has its peaks and valleys, but this one felt fairly constant and enlightening to me.

At this point, colors were enhanced to the point where it felt somewhat cartoon-ish. They were vivid and bright. Even though it was storming, they were as though the saturation and contrast in my vision had been turned up and fine-tuned. The world was as colorful as it was beautiful, and it was primarily dominated by warm colors for me. But still no patterns were apparent. Reds, oranges, and yellows tended to show through more than cooler colors (which had adopted undertones of the warmer colors). It almost felt as though this gave the trip some of its flavor, but it was not its primary focus.

I realized that it was very good for music festivals, because while I didn't feel an iota of introspection, I did perceive deep insights about the world around me. And it felt as though it was a trippy MDMA, at the very core of it. I felt very social, and could handle myself without much notice of people around me. I was inconspicuous, and fairly normal (though not entirely), but I knew I was tripping. The way colors were enhanced, the way lights had halos, the way tracers just naturally formed; all classic of things I've had with many other psychedelics. This was no exception. And I simply felt good. Tripping, but good.

Soon my decision making was to be tried with critical situations. I did not foresee this coming. It seemed as though almost everyone had just randomly started blowing up on each other because one of my housemates started yelling. Soon we had a meeting about it, and agreed that taking a break from everyone for a bit is really a good idea. However, I stayed calm throughout it, which made me realize I was a lot more level-headed than about everyone in the group because I was the first to realize that it really wasn't that big of a fucking deal. It was literally over nothing in particular – everyone was just frustrated in general.

About the compound, I would have to say it was like the 'energizer trip' (which I had written in my notes) in the sense that it just kept going and going and going. And like I said before, it was constant-feeling. I was three hours into it by this point, and it had shown no signs of going away or letting up. +++

4:30 - As my friend is shining a laser pointer in my room, off of various objects, I stare at the patterns it creates as it refracts through the glass before reflecting back onto a wall. I stare at this, and how this all works, and feel as though psychedelics are synonymous with the electromagnetic mechanism I am seeing. The laser beam is like the compound, and as it travels, it hits a receptor (in this case, a beer can). As it the laser beam is both reflected and absorbed by the surface, I realize that's how psychedelics work in your mind. When the beam bounces, it creates 2D projections of the crystal structure on other surfaces to be analyzed and viewed, which is analogous to how psychedelics show you things you might otherwise overlook, and how sometimes those things are the most important by activating these receptors and painting a picture. You can learn an infinite number of things if you learn how to view everything in an infinite number of ways. In each instance where you look at something differently, you learn something more about what you are looking at than before. This was one thing I learned. +++

6:00 - Effects are STILL strong, and they never let up feeling constant. I am sure I am still at the peak. It was weird to be at that place constantly for so long. I notice that cigarettes make me especially lethargic. Colors and tracers were still very strong, with no signs of slowing down. +++

8:00 – The body load begins to wane very slowly. ++

10:00 - Again, it felt as though I was 'inclined to recline.' I really wanted to just sit and lay down wherever I went. My friend came by, and she and I hung out for a few hours, and then headed out to do some shoppoing later on. During this, I felt as though I was coming down rather quickly, but as gently as I came up. ++

11:00 - During our shopping trip, I realized that while colors were brighter and tracers were STILL present, nothing else about the trip was. Even many hours later, I still had some minor tracers and mild color enhancement. The next day, tracers were still present, but everything else was back to normal. +

Overall summary and comments:
This one I would regard as moderately long in its duration. It certainly didn't last more than a day, but some residual effects were present even 15 hours after initially dosing (and tracers were present for me a few days later). It felt very constant in the way it acted, rather than a wave of peaks and valleys that I get with 2C's. That was one of the key things that I felt was different about this phenethylamine-based compound.

Another thing was that while it was not particularly empathogenic, it felt very social in its nature. I had no problems conversing with people or keeping up with the flow of conversation. Not only could people not tell that I was tripping, but I was the life of the party on occasion. Laughs were easily and frequently had, both by myself and those around me, and I felt at ease.

I did not expect my body to handle it as well as it did. That was probably the biggest surprise to me. There was a constant warm, glowing feeling that I had throughout my body. There was very little body anxiety, which may have made me nauseous, but it could have also been the allylescaline. Everything was warm and soft, and my body was not sensitive to temperature changes at all, which leads me to believe that there isn't much vasoconstriction with this. It felt very benign. Its onset was slow, gradual, and gentle - its comedown followed suit.

Mentally, I would say it was very clear-headed. I could still make decisions and clearly state my thoughts, opinions, and feelings, and be understood by others very well. The visuals were mildly distracting, and had no chance of being overwhelming. During the onset, however, I did lay down and close my eyes a lot, even though there were few and vague closed-eye visuals. All that said, I found that it did still feel very classically psychedelic, but well-rounded. It, at most, left me in a sort of fantasy land.

It had the elements of many things I have previously had experience with. It had some elements of MDMA in how it was entactogenic, and how it had a warm energy to it. It was like many psychedelics in the way that it had tracers and color-enhancements and vision contrasts. But the elements that were unique its constant flow, its duration, its clear-headedness, what it did for music, and the combination and presentation of these characteristics. Perhaps if I tried mescaline, I might understand this compound better. Until then, I cannot say which particular one I find it closest to in its effects; currently it's between MDMA, LSD, 2C-T-2, and 5-MeO-MiPT.

While it may be beneficial tool for psychotherapy, its duration is too long for that, and it wouldn't be particularly productive due to its apparent lack of introspective properties. A walk in the park, a day at the fair, or time spent at a music festival…I feel as though it is more meant for those situations. Maybe a hookah bar, even. Like Shulgin said, it's wholly social in its nature.

Something I have noticed is that I was still getting tracers about 5 days later, which may be HPPD. This is about the only thing that may have stuck around, and it could be because I had done 1mg 25I-NBOMe the week earlier, and that 25I-NBOMe has an unusually long tolerance for me, which could be bringing out these effects. While the tracers are certainly not a burden (they're pretty nice), I certainly wasn't expecting them to stick around as long as they have. Every time a fly buzzes by, I still see a trail move behind it. I don’t find this to be bad in anyway, just an interesting and unexpected side-effect.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101254
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Sep 8, 2013Views: 21,193
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