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Lost Memories & A Waste Of Time
Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
by Infuzion
Citation:   Infuzion. "Lost Memories & A Waste Of Time: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) (exp10099)". Jul 13, 2005.

850 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)

I've currently to this date have had two experiences with this annoying drug known as Dramamine. I'm in my teens and I'm fairly light so my dosages affect me alot stronger in alot of cases.

Well recently I had my second and final attempt with Dramamine. After reading about it, I had decided to try and see what all these people were talking about when seeing stuff that wasn't there. So I decided on a Friday night close to Halloween to dose before going to an event called 'Howl-O-Scream' at Busch Gardens. I'd been preparing mentally for this the entire day so that paranoia wouldn't be as bad, and I told myself everything would be ok if I had a bad trip.

I took 17 pills each which had 50 mg/ea and that totalled me at 850 mg, which was 250 mg more than my first time. Well thinking it would be like DXM and take about 2 hours to kick in I took it approximately an hour and a half before my ride was to pick me up. Well, before my ride got there I was already gone. The come up was a bit odd.

--The 1st Hour…

I had been sitting at the computer in my room listening to music, and staring at objects to see what would happen. Eventually I began seeing light flashes in bars on everything around me. My beanbag chair stared looking as if it had an extra layer, almost like a forcefield surrounding it. I then began hearing the aural hallucinations and started hearing footsteps, loud bangs, and other such annoyances which scared me each time. I promptly began travelling back and forth from computer room to kitchen getting water to drink in case of dehydration. Eventually it began kicking in even more and I started seeing little objects flying around the room. In one case I saw what looked to be a large fly of some sort fly through my legs and then vanish. Eventually I found myself staring at the closet doors and noticed something weird about the door handles. It seemed as if they were much closer, and when I'd stare at them, they'd fall down the door. I'd blink and they'd be back to normal, and then promptly would fall back down the door. It was confusing and I couldn't stand it and I just waited for my friend to get there.

Eventually he got there and this is when everything started getting very shady. I remember him saying something like, 'Oh shit…you're already fucked up aren't you!' and I remember feeling bad about it because I had to try hard to keep my mouth shut around his mom.

--The Hours I Can Barely Remember…

The car trip is sort of a blur and I forget alot about it so I'll skip that.

Somehow I managed to cross a busy street and found myself walking to Busch Gardens with my friend yelling at me about how slow I was walking. I hadn't realized it at the time and thought I was perfectly normal when walking, but later found out through demonstration that I was walking what seemed to be like 20 ft. per minute. There's another big memory lapse at this point and I have a tough time remembering entering the park. I remember a cop asking to search me due to all the recent scares with terrorism and the wild anthrax scares here. I showed him there was nothing in my pockets and just walked past. Well there was alot of confusion here, I ended up being searched again, blah blah, got through the gate and I forget another large portion.

Everything past this was bits and pieces. I walked through a haunted house, walked around the park confused, and in short bursts would become semi-sober again.

I eventually made it to my friend's house where I slept peacefully at approximately 12:30am.

The only real hallucinations I can remember were in the food court, surrounded by lots of people! I remember getting up to go somewhere and thinking there was something I left on the chair to pick up. So I walked over to the chair and attempted to pick whatever it was up, and I ended up just touching the chair. Also, when waiting for a ride home I remember staring at a car, and while staring everything skipped. Like the car suddenly appeared further ahead of the position it was in w/out any motion. Almost like a skip in a poorly made movie.

--Conclusions and Observations

That's about all I can really remember. I was told I was talking to myself alot and I remember people saying things to me and I wouldn't be able to finish my sentences. Supposedly, in the car on the way to BG I attempted to get out of the car in a busy intersection but was pulled back into the car.

Basically the only thing I learned from this lame drug was not to ever do it again. It's Sunday now and I took it Friday, I still feel braindead from it and wish I'd not done it. I think of all things the funniest had to be that people jumping out of bushes and shit didn't scare me, but the sounds people made frightened me. If somebody yelled from outta nowhere, I would jump. Or when girls screamed from the idiots jumping out, I would then get startled. So really the sounds were what scared me, due to the amplification probably. I suggest nobody even attempt this waste. I got a friend really pissed off at me, and alot of people worried. I made a total ass of myself in public and got nothing good out of it. I currently owe a friend some money for paying admission and the possibility of me getting into some real trouble that night is very high. If you want an OTC drug, I still would recommend Tussin Maximum Strength Cough Syrup. At least that gives good euphoric effects. Dramamine just makes you braindead and stupid. It's not worth the trouble.


Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10099
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 13, 2005Views: 11,468
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