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In My Nose
by Anonymous Worrier
Citation:   Anonymous Worrier. "In My Nose: An Experience with 2C-B (exp100817)". Mar 20, 2020.

20 mg insufflated 2C-B (powder / crystals)


please excuse my writing skills..

I have used 2C-B a few times before, never snorted anything though. One summer night in 2013 I decided to try snorting 2C-B. A friend warned that this substance is extremely painful to insufflate. At approximately 11:30 PM I emptied a 25mg capsule onto my phone. I was extremely nervous about the pain I was about to endure having never snorted anything and being told that nothing is worse to snort than 2C-B. I Snorted about 4/5 of the line and felt immediate pain in my sinus and face. As time went on it kept getting worse. The effects of the drug where coming on very fast and strong. I started to feel hot and speaking became difficult. I soon vomited and continued sitting in a chair in my garage.. The floor of my garage was rapidly becoming more and more trppy, everything was looking colorful and melty looking.

A friend who was not using the drug decided he was done watching me sit their doing essentially nothing and went inside. When he left I began to feel scared for no apparent reason. I got up an shut all of the windows and turned off the lights for fear that someone was watching me. Walking was clumsy, speech was difficult. I felt I was losing the feeling of self, it was hard to make myself put together sentences and comprehend what others where saying.

As time went on my friend came back outside to check on me and I was extremely scared although this was hard to communicate. I tried to explain that time in my world was moving extremely slow and that I felt I was not breathing enough. My friend told me to count to 30, when he got to thirty I was at 6. I watched the clock racing (in normal time) while I was stuck in a slow slow world. It was extremely uncomfortable and I was concerned that I was not breathing enough. I did not keep track of time nor right about this while under the influence. I do not think I would have been able to write.

I finally went inside and walked down the hall to my friend. The hall seemed narrow and long, I was walking slowly in a robot like fashion, my legs where tense and my heart rate was about 100 BPM but I was breathing extremely slow. When I got to the t.v. room I was still uncomfortable, worrying about my breathing. Constantly turning lights on and off as well as the t.v. trying to find what was most comfortable. At this point I just wanted it to all stop so I could sleep but their is no way to make that happen. This was my first 'bad trip'

I have used LSD approximately 6 times, maximum 4.5 tabs in one go.
I had used 2C-B twice before, once I took 1 pill and it did nothing (25mg) and the next time I took 3 25mg pills and 2, about 3 hours latter and had a great time.

at this point it was probably only 1:00 AM or so. I was feeling trapped in a slow world, my walking was slow, breathing was approximately 6-7 breaths per minute. My legs where tense as well as my right side of my body. This state of worrying went on for hours and hours. It felt like eternity. Most of my time from now on was spent in the t.v. room waiting for it to end, the trip lasted far longer than I think it should have (untill about 5:30AM)

As I sat in the T.V. room I became so concerned about my physical state that I began reading about stroke symptoms.. Occasionally I would feel like the effects where going away while watching tv only to have everything rapidly distort and twist/morph into horrific visions on the T/V screen. The world around me was melting. hours passed which felt like days. By approximately 3:00 I felt I was keeping myself alive. My breathing was so slow I was worried I would die. I felt that I was keeping myself awake because if I fell asleep I wouldn't breath and I would die. Occasionally I would realize that I had gone 15-20 seconds or so without a single breath. My palms where dripping with sweat and I felt very hot. I sat up and tried to focus on moving both of my hands open and closed uniformly. After doing this for a few minutes I lost the ability to make my right hand move. This was horrifying. I sat and stared at my hands and then FLASH everything got extremely distorted, all smooth shaped would turn jagged and sharp and every muscle in my body tensed like I had grabbed an electric cattle fence. This repeated a few times throughout the night, maybe 5 or 6. each time it happened I thought I was having a stroke or a seizure. When I would see evereything warp into the jagged scary shaped I would try to move both arms (my right hand worked again) and grab my face to stop the seizure. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I couldn't tell if I what I was seeing was real or if I was just tripping. My face was blue and I couldn't stick my tongue out straight. This state of waiting for it to end and feeling like I was keeping myself alive/ from having a seizure continued for hours. At this point anything trippy was just horrifying because I overtime the world would get really trippy I would tense up and feel pain like I was about to have a seizure or maybe I was? I really don't know. By 5:00 AM I was feeling much less of the effects which was extremely nice. I could walk and speak more easily and I hadnt had a seizure like feeling for a while. I finally felt as if I could let myself sleep without dying. The world was seeming to speed up again. My time was still about half the speed of everyone else. I ate a peach and tried to sleep. Still scared and breathing slowly. At about 5:30 I managed to fall asleep and woke up the next day feeling totally fine other than a sore right leg and right arm. The feeling was like the feeling of getting a muscular shot just much worse.

I would probably do 2C-B again. I understand that bad trips happen to everyone and it was bound to happen to me eventually.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100817
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Mar 20, 2020Views: 1,238
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2C-B (52) : Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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