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New Year, New Beginnings
Citation:   Alexis. "New Year, New Beginnings: An Experience with Ecstasy (exp1008)". Oct 10, 2000.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
My friends and i had been planning on trying XTC for a while, though we never actually thought we would ever go through with it. Finally agreeing to all try it together, we decided on a perfect time and place - New Years at Times Square. It was just 5 of us who did it, though more people came along to accompany us on this special night.

It was finally night time, around 10:30pm and we were on our way to Times Square. Excited, yet extremely nervous, we all decided to pack a bowl and smoke a few joints before actually dropping the E, in hopes that we wouldn't be so scared once we were already high. After popping the E about half hour later, we were on our way, taking the train to Times Square.

Sitting inside the train, i looked over to my friend, and i could see by her expression that she wasn't feel just high.

'It's a different high she said. I feel like im in the Jetson's.' (she felt like the floor was moving and she was sitting still).

About half hour later we arrived at Times Square. The crowd was overwhelming and amazing. Everybody there was on some kind of drug. At first we were all paranoid, but then we eased up and i began enjoying my night. As I was walking down the street, I was watching one of my friends, since her E kicked in, and she was talking to all these passing guys, and I was pretty upset that mine didn't kick in yet.

Suddenly, as I was walking, thoughts started racing through my head. Millions of things started coming to my mind, and i couldn't focus on thinking about one of them. It seemed as if i just had the key to life implanted in my head, but everything was circulating too quickly for me to grasp the concept. As i stared straight ahead, i felt a rush coming from the inside of my stomach, rushing to my head, and I saw a swirl of everything, and i knew it had kicked in. i started talking in a soft whisper, and smiling at everyone, talking to random strangers, without a feeling of nervousness or worry. everybody became my best friend, and all i could say was how great i felt and how much i loved everyone.

i boldly came up to men and began asking them where they were from, and i even asked someone for a cigarette, though i didnt know him. unintentionally, i told people the truth, even mentioning to someone that he looked 40 when in reality he was only 26 years old. i had never been so care free in my life. at one point the feeling was so good and intense that my eyes started closing slowly and i saw trails, which felt amazing, bacause i was in a different state of mind-i actually felt like i was floating. one of my sober friends stood there freezing and buttoning her coat, while i was walking with mine unbuttoned and i felt warm and cozy.

later in the night, me and my friends began our bonding, which we later laughed about because we literally stopped in the middle of the crowd at Times Square, and we were crying (tears of love and joy), and we were hugging eachother, and complimenting eachother, and telling eachother how much we loved everyone. we had never been so sincere. i felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders. our night progressed rapidly, and before we knew it, our peak had gone down, but the warm feeling of love and trust and moment of truth was still present. i became so aware of my surroundings. the sound of music was the most beautiful sound i had ever heard...i felt like i WAS the music, and as if i was in a movie and this was the concluding song to it. it was like a dream, as i walked aboserving the graffiti and repeatedly saying how i thought it was so beautiful and that these people should stop being in gangs and become artists.

on the way home, my friends and i saw a man on the subway throwing up and i had never been so scared for a person before. we saw the police and we began yelling to them to come help..we were so worried, though i didnt care about the man. all i wanted to do was help him because it seemed right. after doing xtc, i had done it 3 more times after, but it was always in a club, which is a totally different feeling. in conclusion i want to say that, anyone intending on trying extacy should be fully prepared to cry, bond and express strongs feelings of love towards everyone. this helps unblock emotions, and it even uncovers things in your mind that may have been bothering you for a while though you didnt understand why. this breaks the barrior, and it shows your true feelings. be prepared to try something that will alter your mind forever, for the enlightment you face from this drug, is mind boggling. enjoy.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1008
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 10, 2000Views: 2,411
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MDMA (3) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), First Times (2)

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