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Pillow Full of Clouds
by Bryan V.
Citation:   Bryan V.. "Pillow Full of Clouds: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp10079)". Jul 13, 2005.

0.0625 oz oral Mushrooms (fresh)


Now for my first mushrooms trip. It was August 5th this summer, me, my friend Geoff, and Reuben. got the shrooms (3/8's) like 1:00 and ordered a pizza. At 2:00 we put the shrooms on the pizza (1/16 each) and ate up, we were with my brother who was not tripping, but just wanted to see what people looked like on shrooms. That wasn't a problem, having him around actually was comforting.

We then went into my brother's room about 2:10, we're in there a minute then two of his friends come in and hang out and they start playing Tony Hawk 2 on playstation. I think the time was about 2:30 when I began to see tracers, and it looked like there was a mesh over my vision. About 5 minutes later I am watching the TV while my brother and one of his friends is playing TH2 and I start to see flashes of the colors red, green, blue, and yellow on the boarders of the level (The bullring, the red border on the ramps and stuff), and each time the color changed (rapid change, and it was cyclic) a random shape behind the skater would appear in that color.

At this point I have the gut rot like hell and lie down on the futon my bro has, soon after they wake me up for my rest and leave. Just me Reuben, and Geoff now. I see a flash of lights with my eyes closed come up and open my eyes and the gut rot's gone. At this point we are all laughing maniacally at Reuben's comments of, 'Holy shit, you mean we still have more of this stuff.' Out side the window things swirl and melt, and for the next 45 minutes we are in my brothers room just chatting and enjoying the come up. The CD that was playing ends (Animals - Pink Floyd), and I remember a goal I left on the other side to listen to Dark Side of The Moon while frying face.

We all get up get to my room, put on Dark Side of The Moon and switch on Cartoon Network. Scoody Doo is on, shibby. Every time I focus on one of the characters it's image is painted on all the back ground and it starts to look like a house of mirrors. Geoff gets gum stuck in his hair that he was chewing for a while and starts freaking out we calm him down and continue, he's claiming it was all over him and he is covered in gum we remind him of his state of mind and he corrects himself. Scooby Doo ends, and Dexter's Laboratory begins, as do our peaks.

At this point I pack a bowl and attempt to smoke, dimensions begin to get distorted and the bowl seems right in front of my face and begins to melt, I get one hit looking into the bowl the weed looks like it swirled down the bowl into nothing so I put it down and go back to watching Dexter. The only words Dexter says the whole episode is, 'Today is a nice day for science' and, 'Today is not a nice day for science' when something bad happens. The TV image turns into a psychedelic soup of the characters from the cartoon running around all over the soup. The soup's movement is synching with Dark Side of The Moon, the song on is Money. Dexter ends and me and Reuben go down stairs, Geoff opts to stay upstairs and experiment with his state of mind for a little while.

At this point we all think the trip is over since the peak just ended but soon enough we start to notice the effects of after peak trip. We get Geoff and go for a walk in the park, at this point I have no more visuals but Reuben and Geoff are still seeing colors and patterns. We share our thoughts on the experience and hang out for a little while, Reuben had to go home for dinner and Geoff had to go home and do something at this point it is about 6:30 pm and we all split our separate ways. I am extremely sleepy and try to go to bed but can't so I take a few Tylenol PM's to help, they don't but I get to sleep eventually at like 12:30 and wake up the next day refreshed and loving the world. Mushrooms are truly to be respected and celebrated for there great powers. After this first time I did them 2 other times, once a 1/16 alone by myself when I had the home to myself one day, and another with some friends with a 1/16 but no visuals as strong as the first trip. The magic medicine worked…

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 10079
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 13, 2005Views: 1,528
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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