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Relaxing but Powerful Psychedelia
by Brother Wolf
Citation:   Brother Wolf. "Relaxing but Powerful Psychedelia: An Experience with LSZ (exp100740)". Jul 15, 2013.

T+ 0:00
75 ug buccal LSZ (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 75 ug buccal LSZ (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this report to the memory of Sepher, Research In Peace to Sepher, & blessings to all those who came before us & all those to come!

11:15am half blotter, 75ug, gummed

11:40 possible alerts, light head, vague feeling of pull at back of neck, very common first alert for me. Jumped up after a half hour of deep breathing & meditative thought, rinsed out some clothes & hung 'em up in the sunshine. Looking forward to a solo walk in the park later, Sister Moon has dissertation work to do today, & gets trapped indoors with hayfever anyway, this time of year. Besides, I am the one who tests completely novel RC's before I let her have a look. I now return to my previous horizontal state to continue to await further effects & to contemplate.

12:15 One hour since initial. Blotter chewed & swallowed. First alert may have been placebo. Little activity if any from half blotter at this point. I'll give it another half hour then the next half goes in. There may be somethng here, I can't quite put my finger on it yet, but I do feel kinda chilled, relaxed. I have no idea if this is a result of the chemical, my fully rounded personality or simply the relaxation techniques employed ;)

12:45 still uncertain of the nature of the effects, but still think there's something there... Ate a ripe peach, a bread roll & a bag of Cheese & Onion... as well as another half tab. Well I gummed it again, to be entirely accurate, & now back to meditation & breathing. Drying hoodie is making amusingly entertaining drip splat drip sounds nearby. See, definitely something there...

13:00 gradual increase in & building of effects noted now. Still extremely subtle but I may have caught some imprinting when glancing at & away from a monochrome fractal poster on my wall. There seems to be a little more red, pink & orange in my visible spectrum that might usually be present. I continue to kick back, occassionally fielding psychedelic queries from Sister Moon, her dissertation investigating the psychedelic elemments in the music of Bauhaus. Still very comfortable, mentally & physcally, a very nice, relaxing way to spend a gorgeous summer Saturday

13:15 this may sound strange, & I am proudly naive to opiates, but I'm feeling a vague, distant & familiar sense of codiene-like contentedness. Still not alot in the psychedelic department. Due to my extreme financial hardship & the fact that I only got three of these, I suspect I may have to call it after this latest half, for fear of not having a chance to share an adequate dose with my gf in the near future. I'd also like to give tolerance a longer opportunity to set in, as it's only been 7 days since we enjoyed a park/pizza trip on Al-Lad, Friday before last. My first session on Al came less than 7 days after a weekend on psychedelic Phenethylamines & after a 10 day break I noticed an obvious, general increase in effects from the Al.

13:30 visuals are picking up a little & my mind is less clear now, foggier, heavier. Hand eye coordination has also been affected slightly, typing is slightly trickier than it was 15 minutes ago. The appearance of tracers & other common visual activity has increased.

14:00 Effects have increased now, so time to chew up the blotter. Also, I feel like a challenge, so I'm gong to cex to buy a couple Sci Fi DVD's

15:00 Wow, fully immersed now. This shit is a slow-burner, & it's reminding me a little bit of a Doxx type experience. Took a walk through my busy town centre in search of cez & some Sci Fi DVD's. Met incredulous stare with 'hayfever'. How else can I explain DVD purchases on the hottest, sunniest day of the year? Came home to find Captain Pickard elbows deep in a borg corpse, which was interesting...

15:45 Might still be building! Quite facinating so far. Relaxing but powerful psychedelia, deeper & stronger than Al-Lad, so far. Much slower aproach from LSZ than from Al-Lad is noted. This is without question quantifiably different to Al-Lad, as unique as all these remarkable compounds tend to be! I am certain that with little more than one or two more goes on this stuff I would be able to tell it apart from damn near any other psychedelic drug I've ever tried. I've had scorn poured quite recently on my ascertion that even after decades (my last dose of LSD was summer 1996! & yes, I remember EXACTLY what LSD is like, you don't trip 30 or 40 times & f*cking forget what LSD is like, ever!) I can tell the difference between Al-Lad & LSD itself. I stand by that!

16:30 still pretty busy here. Heading back outdoors for a spliff in the sunshine with Sister Moon! It is FUCKING hot out there today. I LOVE it like this, it's not even that humid. Kinda reminds me of Ibiza today, except Ibiza is humid! I think the effects peaked about half hour ago, I feel as though I might be on the downslope now. Not certain or anything, if this is anything like the orginal L, it's bound to ease off in waves, much like it started of course...

20:30 still around. I thought things were tailing off a bit, & I do find it easier to type now. But this stuff is still around. Plenty of classical psychedelia, reminiscent & tantalisingly similar but distinctly different to it's better known molecular cousin(s). Once again, a brand new experience has outstripped the previous. I wonder what the stability of this molecule is compared to the unknowns or doomful prophecies of Al-Lad? If this compound is more or likely to be more stable it certainly provides an equilibrium of effects. Duration of a single 150ug hit is unknown to me so far, but I'd say from what's gone on so far today that LSz outstrips Al-Lad as an all round +++ psychedelic. I suspect with equalised tolerance, & going purely on this one experiment, 150ug of LSz will take you deeper, longer into the realm of psychedelic effects than you might visit compared to a single 150ug dose of Al-Lad. Once again, I am basing that conlusion after just this one experience!

While I had a shower my gf tried to distract me & caused some uncontrollable hilarity by pointing out that Ned Flanders would probably call these things er~giggly~ergoloids or something...

Anyway, this has been a thoroughly unique & facinating endevour today. It's been about 5 hours I'd say, since the effects were certainly established, until now where they remain steady but waning... I supect to be clear within two hours, tired & capable of sleep. There was probably more ergot in my morning toast today than on my blotter, & probably an awful lot less on my blotter than is in the average pint of beer. Er~giggly~ergoloids are just so supremely well tolerated in man, I'd be simply gobsmacked if there was a single unhealhty aspect to what I've spent my day doing, enjoying the sun with a smile on my face, a relaxed step & a very serious gleam in my eye!

21:30 Definitely easing off now I expect to be completely baseline by 22:30 I expect easy sleep before midnight.

Another very interesting molecule!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100740
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45 
Published: Jul 15, 2013Views: 42,902
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LSZ (609), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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