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The Challange
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "The Challange: An Experience with 2C-C (exp100383)". Jun 3, 2013.

14 mg IM 2C-C (liquid)

Last night I took a ‘challenge’ dosage of 2C-C. What was the challenge? In 2004 or so, when I was first becoming a daily narcotic user, I unwittingly discovered I could not take psychedelics anymore without also taking a full dosage of opiate-type drug alongside if I wanted to actually enjoy the trip, or I would suffer extreme withdrawal.

So three weeks post ibogaine I decided to challenge the idea I would need opiates to trip by taking the very same psychedelic that all those years ago brought on this notion of tripping with opiates. In 2004, 16mg or so 2C-C (orally) brought on intense withdrawal, requiring oxycodone to relieve it.

To make a long story short, the dose of 2C-C I took (14mg via IM injection) last night did not produce any withdrawal symptoms. When it came on I had to excuse myself, the lights and music were overpowering. I took a shower and meditated, then came out and enjoyed social interactions.

The trip itself was powerful and mentally cleansing. Insanely visual. Nothing like the primary colored visuals I got ibogaine recently. These powerful '2C-like' visual changes were neon-like, everything moving at high speed like a strobe like illuminating dancers. Insane long-lasting visuals from sensory information; I was in the dark and a lighter I flashed light up an area I needed to see for a few seconds after I extinguished the flame!

The full effects from the IM shot lasted the expected 3 hr, but absent was the 2-3hr come-up of oral administration. The come-up was very intense and I felt it within a minute or two or removing the syringe. Not for the novice, but it was easy to handle when I went to the shower and took away the annoying sensory information (the movie playing in the room). It is different from eating it, and this is not a replacement for the 'intense relaxation' of oral 2C-C...however efficient it may be.

Indeed it seemed I haven’t ‘tripped’ in ages like that, maybe tripping with a brain dulled by opiates for a decade made for some stale tripping, because I calculated 14mg to be on the low-side. For those not repulsed my a 'muscle shot', this is a valid and efficient method of taking 2C-C. Maybe 7-10mg next time for social interactions.

I was at a STRONG +++ and I love 2C-C.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100383
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2013Views: 11,682
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