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Carrier Wave World of Forms, Beings of Light
by PhiloFist
Citation:   PhiloFist. "Carrier Wave World of Forms, Beings of Light: An Experience with DMT (exp100248)". Jun 4, 2020.

34 - 40 mg vaporized DMT (powder / crystals)


My breakthrough:

Probably around 35-40mg. At the last rip off the vaporizer, I had to refuse the next one because things were already changing in my vision. I sat back felt effects kick in. A tonal buzzing 'carrier wave' (as it has been described by others) filled my head. It felt almost like acid synesthesia, except it was INSIDE MY HEAD. Pressure filled my skull. My body began to feel a large rush of 'information'/'energy', and I felt overwhelmed and nauseous. I needed to take deep, half time breaths to control the 'energy flow' within my body.

I'm not sure if I closed my eyes on purpose or if my visual field just flickered out. I entered another space, and felt what some might call a presence. I thought a bit before the trip about not getting sucked into the theories of machine elves and deities, so maybe that influenced my thought patterns at the time of the peak.

As I peaked, the visuals started coming. I saw what I perceived as the essence of Form. It was a multi dimensional object, in the sense that it was a single object yet it was constantly moving and shifting the sides and perception. It was almost like THE M.C. Escher masterpiece. The buzzing faded into the background (yet still present) as the visuals increased in complexity. Every way an edge could be formed and every shape imaginable. It was speaking to me through feeling, yet I was still attempting to rationalize it as simply a chemical experience (not able to put it in those exact words at that time, obviously).

I eventually understood that my eyes were closed, and I opened them to see the room I was previously in saturated kaleidoscopic colors. It is impossible to describe the amount of layering. I could barely make out the room. Yes, there were figures and people and complete scenes of interaction of 'people of light' that were taking place in front of my face.

As I came down, the buzzing still remained. My friend asked me 'Do you understand how the edges work? Ignore the buzzing.'

The edges, regarding: the wake-sleep-dream cycles ('faces/sides' of consciousness), geometrical edges that were VERY apparent coming down. Flying Lotus faded into my slowly sobering consciousness, and my friend (who was guiding me, as he had recently come down) took off the record and put on The Doors. The seriousness/obtuseness of the DMT trip was counteracted by the playful rock n' roll of Jim Morrison & company. I never used to appreciate The Doors until now, even while on LSD.

DMT shames all other forms of psychedelics; not in the sense that other are unworthy, rather in the sense that none can compare to the pure feel/insanity of it. Salvia might compare with the PUNCH it gives if I take a nice fat bong rip, but Salvia is dark and confusing as fuck, while DMT is a bit more objective and 'eternal-feeling.'
Salvia is dark and confusing as fuck, while DMT is a bit more objective and 'eternal-feeling.'

I cannot imagine what Ayahuasca must be like...3-6+ hours (at least) of powerful chemical energy

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100248
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 4, 2020Views: 560
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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