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Worrisome Diaphragm Cramps The Next Day
Kratom & Alcohol
Citation:   Pygnatius. "Worrisome Diaphragm Cramps The Next Day: An Experience with Kratom & Alcohol (exp100175)". Sep 13, 2017.

5 Tbsp oral Kratom (leaves)
    oral Alcohol - Hard  
Worrisome Diaphragm Cramps After Kratom

Recently I have developed a possibly worrisome side effect; while I have used Kratom with excellent results for about a year, but lately since switching to what is described as a stronger variety, I have experienced the following:

About once a week I prepare about 5 tablespoons of dried leaf by grinding to powder in a coffee grinder, then microwaving twice for about 15 seconds in a few ounces of vodka (adding more vodka for second heating). Filtered into a cup, cooled, and consumed late at night (3 hours after dinner) with a small can of coca-cola as a chaser.

Strong high comes on almost immediately, which tapers off to a pleasant relaxed Ďwaking dreamsí state that lasts until morning; not sure but it seems like I donít sleep for any useful length of time.
When I finally get up, the day is a bit difficult Ė fatigue and general fuzziness of the mind, but nothing worse than a very late night out would cause. However, about dinner time (and this has been consistent for my last three experiences), I get what seems like a strong and painful diaphragm cramp, just under the rib cage, which persists on and off until I go to sleep that night, and which I am aware of but not much bothered by the next day.

One time when I drank a glass of wine in this condition the pain got quite severe for a couple of minute; I even had a little trouble breathing. There are no other symptoms... no nausea, no pain in the arm, neck or jaw, no sweating, no increased pulse rate... so Iím pretty sure itís a muscular thing not a heart issue or the like.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100175
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 62
Published: Sep 13, 2017Views: 2,292
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