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Harmlessly Addictive
by GF
Citation:   GF. "Harmlessly Addictive: An Experience with Methiopropamine (exp100074)". Dec 14, 2016.

  repeated insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
Bought this RC off a site in my country after finding out from reports that it would probably provide stimulation but not be too intrusive. This indeed turned out to be a fair impression, but not in one sense, which I will write about below.

First off, I must state that all the doses referred to were eye-balled bumps [30-80mg?] which I snorted up my nose - not the most responsible way to work with RCs but the safe dose seemed to be in the dozens of milligrams (up to 100) and not very low (ie., 1-10 mgs) and being 6 foot 4 and 96 kg I have a fairly good tolerance of higher doses.

I am 40 and have experimented with a number of substances including cocaine, meth, salvia extracts, DXM, etc., now and again over half a lifetime.

I was looking for something stimulating to help me concentrate for long periods on my work and also to stop me getting stuck in a rut of inactivity (due to some mild and not-so-mild depression recently).

Methiopropamine fulfilled those goals very well. I have only ever eye-balled a bump/small line and insufflated, usually once or twice a day since discovering the substance (with a few days off) about 3 weeks ago. The drip is fairly nasty, a bit of orange juice washes it down well.

I found the come-up took about 30 minutes to be noticeable the first time I took it, but that I have become more sensitive to it over time and now notice myself 'coming up' a bit more quickly
I have become more sensitive to it over time and now notice myself 'coming up' a bit more quickly
. About 1 hour in is the usual peak and it continues for long enough to enjoy an evening of music or work. After a fairly long plateau, the effects fade leaving very mild post-amphetamine type restlessness but otherwise I have not noticed any unwanted effects - no bruxism, no dilated pupils, no extreme sweating, no shaking, no 'inappropriate enthusiasm'. It's a mild stimulant, but...

It is very more-ish - just because it is mild and has not given me any nasty side-effects yet I find it very difficult to think of a reason not to take some each day! Most drug experiences end up teaching me a lesson about how things are both good and bad, but this one, so far anyway, only seems to have a gently good side. Of course, the fact that this makes it highly compulsive is a bad side and users should be sure to promise themselves quite seriously to keep it for end of week/ weekend dalliances. Otherwise it just spreads to fill my week with harmless stimulation and activity ...

PS. Have also tried vaporizing a small bump off foil - this went OK and despite only using a small amount produced a rush, but the smell given off by the burning substance is extremely unpleasant - the odour is a bit of a shock, put it that way.

I have about 2 grams to go and will probably use it up over the next few weeks while struggling to try and figure out a way to introduce some discipline into my criteria for having some. So far, I have snorted and worked, snorted and been to the gym, snorted and been jogging, snorted and dj-ed and all of these activities were productive and enjoyable. I have also been fine when on it in basic, familiar, social situations. I do become a bit more loquacious than usual, but as everyone in the house has been quite depressed recently, I judge this a positive effect.

I think this substance is serving a useful purpose right now and that I will move on from it in the near future, taking what I have learned with me.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100074
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Dec 14, 2016Views: 5,854
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