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Highly Recommended Love and Blow Zing Cocaine 2012 May 19
Highly Recommended On The Precipice of Addiction Cracker1234 Crack 2008 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Rush and Glow Redleader Cocaine 2007 Jan 19
Highly Recommended Choreboy Made a Snowman of Me Choregirl Crack 2007 Jan 17
Highly Recommended My Odyssey With 'The Devil's Dandruff' Popshot Cocaine 2001 Jul 10
Recommended Control N Cocaine 2014 Sep 16
Recommended Bam Bam Yowch Mr. Badger Cocaine 2013 Dec 29
Recommended Dancing With The White Bitch (Poem) Venushakti Velatura Cocaine 2011 Aug 03
Recommended A Rush I Will Never Forget Nowclean(-yer) Cocaine 2011 Aug 02
Recommended One Year of Use Larissa Cocaine & Alcohol 2009 Jun 27
Recommended Heaven in a Breadcrumb, Hell in a Minute Gonzo Crack 2009 Feb 20
Recommended Shooting White Clayton Cocaine 2008 Jun 27
Recommended Almost Too Much Fun Jennifer D Cocaine & Cannabis 2008 Apr 27
Recommended 5 Years of Loving and Hating Tao Cocaine & Various 2007 Dec 03
Recommended A Subtle Power in that White Powder MIM Cocaine 2007 Jul 29
Recommended A Journey Through Cocaine WanderingPsyche Cocaine 2007 May 09
Recommended Kind of A Waste of Time Kilo Greenz Cocaine 2007 Mar 11
Recommended Now I Understand The Danger anon Cocaine 2006 Mar 02
Recommended Stayed with Me After the High 10psi-boost Cocaine 2005 Dec 01
Recommended Only Distance Allows Me to Stay Off Leyla Crack 2005 Oct 28
Recommended A Crack In The Curvature Of Mystery's Spine Aria Kildaire Crack 2005 Oct 04
Recommended A Year in the Life of... CoolCat Crack 2005 Sep 12
Recommended Short-term Goals carl Cocaine 2005 Apr 21
Recommended Riding the White Pony j Cocaine 2004 Nov 12
Recommended Confessions of a Cocaine Connoisseur Mojo Cocaine 2003 Aug 18
Recommended Peruvian Marching Powder dokmai Cocaine 2003 Feb 07
Recommended Maybe I'm Not a Coke Head After All... KC Cocaine 2002 Sep 29
Recommended Injecting Cocaine Snowdog26 Cocaine 2001 Aug 26
Recommended A Cocaine Retrospective Jules Cocaine 2001 Feb 04
Recommended Riding that train Murple Cocaine 2000 Nov 20
I Learned My Lesson the Hard Way A S Cocaine 2022 May 11
Pleasant but Disturbing Aftereffects SensationCollector Cocaine 2021 Dec 25
Crackhead for a Year MJzz Crack 2020 Nov 04
A Functional Addict Tacitus Cocaine 2020 Jul 02
The Ninety-Dollar Gram KGood Cocaine 2020 Mar 09
The Unavoidable Crash tellall Cocaine 2019 Nov 15
Hotel California Adrian Cocaine 2019 Apr 09
Beyond Reason White Stallion Cocaine 2018 Jun 22
A Timeline of IV Effects N.S. Cocaine 2018 May 18
Bellringer And Game Changer On The First Smoke BREEZE Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
Not Worth It Jetty-P Cocaine 2017 Sep 27
Descent Into Hell nate Crack 2017 Jul 16
Derailed not a statistic Cocaine 2017 Apr 21
Brothers JCA Cocaine, Cannabis & Alcohol 2017 Mar 03
Lemon Glow Akbarro Cocaine & Alcohol 2016 Dec 02
Moderately Euphoric Reflective Tramps Lady Cocaine, Alprazolam & Kratom 2016 Jul 17
Failed Expectations allstarhi Cocaine 2014 Jun 10
Curiousity Overcame Me Sookie Cocaine & Alcohol 2012 May 20
Dropped Inhibitions Sometimes Stupid Crack 2012 Apr 19
An Occasional Delicacy SWIM Cocaine 2012 Apr 13
Vegas Baby Senseless Cocaine 2012 Feb 29
Made Me a Shining Star Sigmund Cocaine 2010 Jun 27
Zoomin to Paranoia Ace Cocaine, Amphetamines (Adderall) & Dexmethylphenidate (Focalin) 2009 Nov 07
Cannot Outrun the Desire Natalie Cocaine 2009 Oct 19
It Was Like a Porno Movie Co-joe Cocaine & Various 2009 Sep 14
Addicted Before I Even Tried It Matt Crack 2009 Aug 26
Teenage Infatuation CMoMoney Cocaine 2009 Aug 02
The American Dream CocaineCorey Cocaine 2009 Feb 04
All-Night Binge with Nosebleeds Annon Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis 2008 Dec 14
It Happened So Fast Nikki Cocaine 2008 Nov 07
Wake Up Call Sean Cocaine & Cannabis 2008 Sep 20
So Happy I Could Cry Devotchka Cocaine 2008 Jun 23
A Tale of Addiction Jacob Cocaine 2008 Jun 22
My First White Pony Dominos Corwin Cocaine 2008 May 30
My Life Was Nearly Destroyed A Girl Named Ruko Crack 2008 May 23
Mom, I'm Not Done Yet... FatalCurehxc Cocaine 2008 Apr 20
Yaked the Fuck Out Ronas Celmonias Cocaine 2008 Apr 10
Cheap College Coke Uncle Sam Methylphenidate & Cocaine 2008 Apr 09
The White Lady Anon Cocaine 2008 Feb 24
It Controls Me Shady12 Cocaine 2008 Feb 18
Snow Blind Sojournist Cocaine 2008 Feb 10
Taking Over dilated_pupils Cocaine 2008 Feb 05
Pure Murdock Cocaine 2008 Jan 01
It's Trippy To Me Murdoc Cocaine 2008 Jan 01
And I'm Buzzzzzzing Tree Fingers 171 Cocaine & Various 2007 Dec 20
Great While It Lasts Mike D Cocaine 2007 Dec 07
Speedy, Narcissistic Euphoria LisaLucy Cocaine, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Nov 28
Bad, Bad Friend Guru Sigma Cocaine 2007 Nov 20
True Story, and It Happened Way Too Fast Nicole Cocaine 2007 Nov 15
Raped by Snow Wes Cocaine & Various 2007 Nov 06
The Two Day Comedown MSHolla Cocaine 2007 Nov 01
The Binge BeGizzle Cocaine 2007 Oct 07
Intravaneous Bliss with a Chaser of Depravity Smitty Cocaine 2007 Oct 04
How Did it Happen to Me bgirl Cocaine 2007 Oct 03
First Time, She Don't Lie poe-theed joe Cocaine 2007 Sep 04
All Night Binge Corey Cocaine 2007 Aug 31
Why I Love/Hate Cocaine Anthony Cocaine 2007 Aug 01
In the Front of My Mind and the Back KellyC Cocaine & Alcohol 2007 Jul 28
The Best and Worst Feelings Ever artificial sweetener Cocaine 2007 Jun 29
Jerking Convulsively Against the Linoleum sunspot baby Cocaine 2007 Jun 24
White Gold MJL Cocaine & Cannabis 2007 Jun 01
Stop It Before It Starts HR Cocaine 2007 May 23
Chatting with Friends Rolandofgilead Cocaine 2007 May 22
A Little Experiment: Exploring Gonzo Cocaine 2007 May 16
My Fling with a Snow Angel Isabelle Cocaine 2007 May 09
Reflections of a Coke-Head Halo Cocaine 2007 May 01
Once Was Enough Tye Crack 2007 Apr 05
Never Had I Felt So Awake *Venus* Cocaine 2007 Feb 27
Simply Pleasant Shidosha Cocaine 2007 Feb 27
An Evil Genie Papa G Cocaine 2007 Feb 11

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