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3-MeO-PCP Reports by Date
(24 Total)

Show Reports by Date for 3-MeO-PCP [24]
Soliloquy In BlueXorkoth2C-T-2 & 3-MeO-PCPOct 9 2016
Manic Voyagenervewing3-MeO-PCP & 2C-BAug 6 2016
Light and Stimulating at a Low DoseStudent_of_Life3-MeO-PCPJun 17 2016
Molecular SamadhiInnerExplorer3-MeO-PCPApr 17 2016
Interesting Cautionary DoseLuke3-MeO-PCPApr 17 2016
RecommendedUncomfortableThePoobaman3-MeO-PCPMar 1 2016
Introspection and RelaxationMrPitt1P-LSD, 3-MeO-PCP & AntibioticsFeb 12 2016
Down the Hole Explorationsnervewing3-MeO-PCP & CannabisJan 27 2016
So Strong I'm ShockedNumbnDumb3-MeO-PCPJan 24 2016
Fish Out Of WaterNMDAstronaut3-MeO-PCPJan 20 2016
Highly RecommendedThe Insectoid Sex CircusSwitch3-MeO-PCPJan 14 2016
A Quest in Pain Reliefsatya3-MeO-PCPOct 12 2015
Dangerous and Possibly Fatal InteractionRocketEscitalopram, Selegeline & 3-MeO-PCP Sep 14 2015
Reality is the Final ArbiterArylcycloMan3-MeO-PCP, 25c-NBOMe & SupplementsSep 3 2015
Worthwhile Yet ChallengingSonicsoul3-MeO-PCP (with LSD)Jul 29 2015
Bipolar Nightmare Whiplashpsood0nymnowhereman3-MeO-PCP & CannabisOct 24 2014
Smooth and SoftRaegark3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014
Relaxed Euphoria, Stimulation, and Not Too Dissociativeeloquence3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014
RecommendedLovely, But Very Dose DependentAzari3-MeO-PCPOct 24 2014
3-MeO-PCP Modafinil Taking VenlafaxineOldDoctor3-MeO-PCP & ModafinilJun 10 2014
Sloth of the Dissociative KingdomKetamine Ice Cream3-MeO-PCPJun 10 2014
Did I Really Just Do That?InfectiousMethylone & 3-MeO-PCPMar 21 2013
Manic and DetachedNigeru Mono3-MeO-PCPNov 3 2012
Highly RecommendedPlasma and Smooth MetalRadium3-MeO-PCPJan 3 2012

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