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Reports from Dec 5 2006 - Dec 5 2006
(12 Total)

Recommended They Called It a Frolic... Quixotico Ether, Cannabis & Alcohol 2006 Dec 05
Recommended A Valid and Enjoyable Part of a Drug-Arsenal Evil_Dave83 Piperazines 2006 Dec 05
Snorting Extract Nag Anadenanthera colubrina (extract) 2006 Dec 05
Another Presence Hydro Anadenanthera colubrina 2006 Dec 05
Pleasant Smoke SB Wormwood (extract) 2006 Dec 05
Madness in a Bottle Me Absinthe 2006 Dec 05
Great Synergy Taylor the Pi-Bond Absinthe & Cannabis 2006 Dec 05
Retry Windchild Anadenanthera colubrina 2006 Dec 05
Learning and Enduring Copperfox Anadenanthera colubrina 2006 Dec 05
Grateful Response Picture of You Anadenanthera colubrina 2006 Dec 05
Very Thought Provoking Daywalker Absinthe 2006 Dec 05
The Green Fairy Made Me Lose Control Moses Absinthe 2006 Dec 05

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