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Reports from Oct 24 2006 - Oct 24 2006
(19 Total)

Recommended Intense Augmentation Phenethyla-Man Amphetamines (Adderall) & Tryptophan - 5-HTP 2006 Oct 24
Recommended Visionary Consciousness Samabudhi Salvia divinorum 2006 Oct 24
Recommended Breaking Down the Doors, if Only Momentarily Imaginer Mushrooms 2006 Oct 24
Recommended A Trifling Trip of the Devil's Own Abidan MDMA 2006 Oct 24
Recommended Shamanic and Spiritual Use Todd P. Methamphetamine 2006 Oct 24
Possible Interaction Dr. Mercury DOC & MDMA 2006 Oct 24
Just Went Too Quickly BlinkStefaans Floatation Tank 2006 Oct 24
Lift Me Up, Lift Me up Higher Now Higher Prejunkie Gabapentin (Neurontin) 2006 Oct 24
Was it Pleasurable? I Can't Remember Sinnlos Triazolam (Halcion) 2006 Oct 24
Cheap and Cheerful Fuzzt Inhalants (Butane) 2006 Oct 24
The Universe Is In Me Sublime Salvia divinorum (30x extract) 2006 Oct 24
Complex Mathematical Patterns Hoogshagenii DMT 2006 Oct 24
Mario Cart Stuck Mojo 2C-C 2006 Oct 24
Nothing Was What It Seemed Black Gem 2C-T-2 2006 Oct 24
Acid Reflux, a Tad Giggly, Horrible Sleep doppleganger Propylhexedrine 2006 Oct 24
Menthol-flavored Swift Propylhexedrine 2006 Oct 24
Not Bad High Canadien Mandrake 2006 Oct 24
Mathematical Bliss Joe 4-Acetoxy-DET 2006 Oct 24
Not Worth It Justme 2C-C 2006 Oct 24

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