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New Reports for Nov 10 2005 - Nov 10 2005
(8 Total)

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RecommendedThought I Was OK and I Woke Up in the ERJABGHB, MDMA (Ecstasy) & KetamineNov 10 2005
The 1000 Fingered HandolafCacti - T. pachanoi & Nitrous OxideNov 10 2005
Auditory ConstructionSplinterLSD & KetamineNov 10 2005
Stuck in a Clockwork Orange SpaceshipbluedolphinKetamineNov 10 2005
Aww...Nothing at AllAmabiréLactuca spp., Poppies - California & Calea zacatechichiNov 10 2005
One More NightLaBlueLactuca spp.Nov 10 2005
Lucky to Be AliveThe X copsMushrooms & KetamineNov 10 2005
Possible Medicinal PropertiesSmokeyLactuca spp.Nov 10 2005

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