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New Reports for Jun 14 2005 - Jun 14 2005
(21 Total)

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Highly RecommendedThe Dessert of the RealZonkerSalvia DivinorumJun 14 2005
RecommendedThe Eternity of Heaven Or The Gates of Hell?YourselfLSDJun 14 2005
Absence of Knowing the TimedimanMushrooms & Salvia divinorumJun 14 2005
Keys To Awakening The Heart Chakralight bringerN2OJun 14 2005
So Many ColorsHandsome B PotsmokerMushroomsJun 14 2005
Am I Experiencing Anything, or Not?HonabeSalvia divinorum (5x extract)Jun 14 2005
Inside a Four Layer CakeSatan 922Cannabis & Salvia divinorumJun 14 2005
2-C-TooL-711072C-T-7, Mushrooms - P. cubensis, & CannabisJun 14 2005
Tripping Amongst The Slot MachinesmastakMushhroomsJun 14 2005
No Title Can Describe ThisGBMethamphetamineJun 14 2005
A Queue of Potential ActionsOscillating DuckSalvia divinorum (Extract) & CannabisJun 14 2005
Too MuchL'il MoMushrooms, Cannabis & AlcoholJun 14 2005
A Place In The UniverseBOXCARMushrooms - P. CubensisJun 14 2005
Acutane for Eight MonthsSpit-FireIsotretinoinJun 14 2005
Very Expensive HabitfulhuCocaineJun 14 2005
Hell Hath No FuryAngel of SynHawaiian Baby Woodrose SeedsJun 14 2005
One Toke Over the Linewords0fw1sd0mCannabisJun 14 2005
Two-Day Nutmeg BingeThe Lone StrokerNutmegJun 14 2005
Tripping Home Alonesoma junkieLSDJun 14 2005
PCP Trips Enter The Twilight ZoneA. GonzalesPCPJun 14 2005
I Couldn't Think, Only FeeltermiteMushrooms - P. cubensisJun 14 2005

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