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Reports from Sep 10 2000 - Sep 10 2000
(50 Total)

Highly Recommended Not bad... Not good... but Not Bad... Dr DNA Nutmeg 2000 Sep 10
Recommended Slam Dancing with Mr. Brownstone Negative Creep Heroin 2000 Sep 10
Recommended A Magic Trip to Real de Catorce Alejandro M. Peyote 2000 Sep 10
Recommended DXM School Trippin' Greenjello DXM 2000 Sep 10
A First Approach with Not So Good Timing Opul H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Sep 10
Cold Water Extraction vs Chewing Seeds Nekom H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Sep 10
First Trip, Mixed Reaction wisteria LSD 2000 Sep 10
The Spiral that Contains the Universe The Other Side Syrian Rue & Gymnopilus spectabilis 2000 Sep 10
Guarana Use as Stimulant Marcelo Guarana 2000 Sep 10
Who Knew? Mog (Toke) Cannabis 2000 Sep 10
Playing the Game of Life Jack Harris H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Sep 10
Nutmeg: One Time is Enough Skater Nutmeg 2000 Sep 10
Gentle Yet VERY Visual The Grifter 5-MeO-DiPT 2000 Sep 10
No More Vivarin, Please! Zonker Caffeine 2000 Sep 10
GHB Withdrawl and the Dopamine Rebound MMB1 GHB, GBL & 1,4-Butanediol 2000 Sep 10
Not Again Bonatlanta GBL (Renewtrient) 2000 Sep 10
Not Psychedelia Dragonfli Inhalants: Gasoline 2000 Sep 10
Experiences with Gasoline BenTheWorm Inhalants: Gasoline 2000 Sep 10
I'd Rather Be Gas Huffing Special Mike Inhalants: Gasoline 2000 Sep 10
Accessible, Addicting, but Fun Clampet Inhalants: Freon 2000 Sep 10
I'm a Plane General Mitchell Inhalants: Freon 2000 Sep 10
Sacred Soma Baba Sass Amanita muscaria 2000 Sep 10
Super and Soothing Gigi and Alabama Codeine (Codoliprane) 2000 Sep 10
Chest Pains; Don't Take Five John Unknown (sold as Ecstasy) 2000 Sep 10
A Weekend on Ephedrine Clay Ephedrine 2000 Sep 10
Really Interesting, If You Can Stay Awake Mad Hatter Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Sep 10
Lost Within Zonker Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Sep 10
One Fucked Up Night This Guy Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Sep 10
Will It Not End? Bob Dole DXM 2000 Sep 10
Finding God in a K-hole Stradlemonkey Ketamine 2000 Sep 10
Shake and Twitch Dave Caffeine 2000 Sep 10
A Case of Utter Excess Dj Shugar GHB 2000 Sep 10
Number nine, Number nine, Number nine... Murple DPT & MDMA 2000 Sep 10
Strange Reaction Noah DPT 2000 Sep 10
Centuries Younger Murple DPT 2000 Sep 10
Second Try Smoking the HCl Murple DPT 2000 Sep 10
Smoking DPT HCl Murple DPT 2000 Sep 10
Passing Into the Matrix Cyber DPT 2000 Sep 10
The Fantastic World of DOM Seņor Coconut DOM, MDA, & GHB 2000 Sep 10
Unprepared for E Johnny Raver Ecstasy 2000 Sep 10
Surprise! Murple DOM or DOB (sold as Ecstasy) 2000 Sep 10
Paradox Mofo DMT 2000 Sep 10
Chopping Up Earth Shaman DMT 2000 Sep 10
Helix Consciousness Anonymous H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Sep 10
Third Time's a Charm Cynz Cocaine 2000 Sep 10
Itchy Head XTC Shaman DXM 2000 Sep 10
It's All About Love Sunny MDMA 2000 Sep 10
Killing the Chills Brian N.J. GBL 2000 Sep 10
Writhing in Pain Ian Cuthbert Ephedrine 2000 Sep 10
Trippin on the 4th LSD Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) 2000 Sep 10

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