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Reports from Dec 9 2000 - Dec 9 2000
(20 Total)

Recommended 7 Goes Out on the Town Bomb 2C-T-7 & Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Recommended A Conscious Dream Sublime-inal Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
I'll Be Back For More Mr Geezer 2C-T-7 & Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Meanwhile... Sans God Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Effects of MDMA Yeitsdatbv Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
First Time Getting High Marissa Cannabis 2000 Dec 09
Smoked MDA Tryptamine Chemist MDA 2000 Dec 09
Definetely not Worthy Steve DXM 2000 Dec 09
Too many pills Kir Yessam Snave Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Calm and Collected Dolphins Nutmeg & Kava 2000 Dec 09
Middle Aged Guy Has Perfect Morning Antiquus 2C-T-2 2000 Dec 09
Getting Sleepy Anyone? Dell Tamale Cannabis 2000 Dec 09
OD on GHB while having the flu Jake GHB 2000 Dec 09
Micronesian Experiences Fiveflowers Betel Nut 2000 Dec 09
Cleansing Tears RacerX Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Suicidal Tendancies Eris Amphetamine (Adderall) 2000 Dec 09
Red Rock Incense Deez Red Rock Opium 2000 Dec 09
Hot and Too Much Micro Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Responsible Parental Ecstasy Use Mandy Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09
Loss Of Magic Greg Ecstasy 2000 Dec 09

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