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Reports from Oct 5 2000 - Oct 5 2000
(18 Total)

Highly Recommended Set The Controls for the Heart of the Man 77k DOM 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Tantric Combo LingamYoni MDMA, Sildenafil (Viagra) & Cannabis 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Tapping DNA Consciousness Souldier 2C-T-7 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Strongest Thing I've Ever Taken Alter Ego Datura 2000 Oct 05
Recommended More Stimulating than Hallucinating Psychedelic Sunshine H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Oct 05
E 'Flashback' when Yawning Kaia Ecstasy 2000 Oct 05
Long... Long... HELL Cold Brugmansia 2000 Oct 05
Love, Love, Love! Mriko Syrian Rue & Mushrooms - P. tampanensis & P. cyanescens) 2000 Oct 05
The Truth of My Reality Wyldling LSD 2000 Oct 05
Total Out Of Body Experience Tloke Atropa belladonna 2000 Oct 05
First Time on HBWR Seeds Marklar H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Oct 05
An X Panic From Hell Aiwa Ecstasy 2000 Oct 05
Turn For The Worst Zombie2k Inhalants: Freon 2000 Oct 05
Worst Drip Ever Shwaah 2C-T-7 2000 Oct 05
Connecting with Good Sickboy Mushrooms (P. cyanescens) 2000 Oct 05
Never Again Nik Nutmeg 2000 Oct 05
I Overshot the 4th Plateau Bobby DXM 2000 Oct 05
All night Rollin' Ivy Ecstasy 2000 Oct 05

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