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Reports from Oct 22 2000 - Oct 22 2000
(24 Total)

Highly Recommended Damn Powerful Tryptamine Morninggloryseed DPT 2000 Oct 22
Recommended Introspective Amplification Umbra Salvia divinorum (tincture) 2000 Oct 22
Extremely Intense Ego Loss Mister B Salvia divinorum & Valerian 2000 Oct 22
Rollin on the Beach Jaw Breaker Ecstasy 2000 Oct 22
Bad Experience Jon Cannabis 2000 Oct 22
Phish and Phun Denny LSD, Ecstasy & Cannabis 2000 Oct 22
Best Night Of My Life Iminlove Cocaine 2000 Oct 22
Oneness Patience Little Bear 5-MeO-DMT 2000 Oct 22
Tripping on Pharms? Epicurean Lorazepam 2000 Oct 22
Nothing J-Hooka Amanita muscaria 2000 Oct 22
TFMPP: eek! Itsuoda TFMPP & GHB 2000 Oct 22
Awakening Trippin Bitch Mushrooms 2000 Oct 22
An Awkward First Time Angel Cannabis 2000 Oct 22
Cocaine v.s. Amphetamines Special^K Cocaine 2000 Oct 22
Visuals from 5-MeO-DiPT Jesus J. 5-MeO-DiPT 2000 Oct 22
Perception Bordering on Un-Controllable SwAnK Morning Glory 2000 Oct 22
Nutmeg is Damn Worth It! Ec$tA$y Nutmeg 2000 Oct 22
Seemed Worth the Try, But Wasn't M. Bazell Nutmeg 2000 Oct 22
Rolex Roll Heath Lox Ecstasy 2000 Oct 22
Foreign Feeling Tim Salvia divinorum (extract) 2000 Oct 22
Diary of a K-Head Akaa Ra Ketamine 2000 Oct 22
The Best Stone Ever Chrispy H.B. Woodrose Seeds 2000 Oct 22
Good for What Ails You Mistymountain Catnip & Cannabis 2000 Oct 22
Adderall is A++ Ket-a-set Amphetamine (Adderall) 2000 Oct 22

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