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Reports from Oct 18 2000 - Oct 18 2000
(28 Total)

It Could Happen To You...... M Cocaine 2000 Oct 18
Fun, Once in a While BastardAss PCP 2000 Oct 18
Bad Experience During MDMA AgeM Ecstasy 2000 Oct 18
Not Recommended Before Sleep Grant Salvia divinorum 2000 Oct 18
Nooo More Amyl-Nitrite For This Man Christopher Robin LSD & Amyl Nitrite (poppers) 2000 Oct 18
Left My Body Sethballs Ketamine 2000 Oct 18
Good Vibes Aaron Manaca Root 2000 Oct 18
When It Is Someone You Love Anonymous Crack Cocaine 2000 Oct 18
Hold On For a Ride Inexperienced 5-MeO-DiPT 2000 Oct 18
GHB on its own Infinity GHB 2000 Oct 18
Curiosity Smudge Nutmeg 2000 Oct 18
Algorithmic Gristle Anonymous LSD 2000 Oct 18
Seeing Jesus That Saturday Night Mr. Brown Mushrooms 2000 Oct 18
Tripping Into the New Millenium Pookyhead LSD 2000 Oct 18
Thru The Floor domminnoe Ecstasy (MDMA) 2000 Oct 18
Nothing Special About Special K MPD Ketamine 2000 Oct 18
Psychedelic Roller Coaster Sari Cannabis 2000 Oct 18
Why I Do Coke P.J.M. Cocaine 2000 Oct 18
Sometimes DXM isn't just DXM SkilleDXM DXM 2000 Oct 18
Never Smoking Again... Johnny Cannabis 2000 Oct 18
First Time Salvia Trip Lucky Daye Salvia divinorum (5x extract) 2000 Oct 18
More Potent at the Bottom? Lindsey GHB 2000 Oct 18
Nothingness Travis Heroin 2000 Oct 18
10 Cannisters and Nothing Happened Brad the Inhaler Nitrous Oxide 2000 Oct 18
The Crush Lashes M. Cocaine 2000 Oct 18
Intense Fuzziness Anonymous Ecstasy & Nitrous Oxide 2000 Oct 18
More like Crapmeg Rick Nutmeg 2000 Oct 18
Hell in My Face Beavis Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2000 Oct 18

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