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Highly Recommended Overall Effect Is Very Pleasant Alexander Shulgin Mescaline & Cyclizine 2011 Aug 11
Recommended PIHKAL #122 Qualitative Comments Alexander Shulgin MEM 2015 Oct 28
Recommended Subjective Response Alexander Shulgin TMA-6 2011 Sep 06
Recommended PIHKAL #23 Qualitative Comments Alexander Shulgin 2C-D 2010 Jan 06
All Report 'Rolling' at 45 Minutes Alexander Shulgin 2C-T-13 2016 Jul 01
The HOT's in June Alexander Shulgin HOT-2, HOT-7 & HOT-17 2016 Jun 06
Subjective Response Alexander Shulgin DMMDA 2011 Sep 09
Not Completely Pleasant [Objective Response to TMA] Alexander Shulgin TMA 2011 Sep 09
Subjective Evaluation Alexander Shulgin MMDA-3a 2011 Sep 09
Subjective Response Alexander Shulgin TMA & Cyclizine 2011 Sep 09
Dizzy-Hood-Over-Head-Descending Alexander Shulgin DMMDA 2011 Sep 09
Threshold Effects Alexander Shulgin DOM 2011 Sep 06
Qualitative Description Alexander Shulgin TMA-2 2011 Aug 16
Chewed and Spat into Ice Bucket Alexander Shulgin Kava Kava 2018 Jun 02
No Dark Corners Alexander Shulgin Peyote 2018 Jun 02
Kid Myself Into Some Awareness? Alexander Shulgin DOIP 2016 Dec 29
Proscaline Assays Alexander Shulgin Proscaline 2016 Aug 17
Ariadne and the Cheshire Cat Alexander Shulgin Dimoxamine (Ariadne) 2016 Jul 16
Not the Sparkle or Rush of Acid Alexander Shulgin Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2016 May 07
No Effects Whatsoever Alexander Shulgin Cocaine - Freebase 2018 Jun 02
At 1:45 There Is a Sure Threshold Alexander Shulgin Nutmeg 2018 Jun 02

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