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New Isolated Section of My MindSageMushroomsAug 16 2017
New Dark Side of the Sunshine StateJackClonazepamAug 14 2017
New Reality Needs A Reality CheckhahahaKetamineAug 14 2017
New The Best Bagel I've Ever HadRichyCannabisAug 14 2017
New The Orange Juice CyclesThePoobaman_H.B. WoodroseAug 14 2017
New For the 'Head Space' That I LikeimjrodSassafras, Passion Flower & VariousAug 19 2017
New But I Did Not Want to GoResistanceD5-MeO-DMT & DETAug 21 2017
New Social Kapital and The Void of RepressionthemarquisdeshadeKetamineAug 18 2017
New Aya Without AyahuascapsiphiBreathwork in Hot and Cold WaterAug 20 2017
New Short and PleasantZedDMTAug 21 2017
New RecommendedA Mixed Bagtangerin dreamAyahuascaAug 20 2017
New The 'Magic' Never Seems to FadeMezza4-Fluoroamphetamine, Mushrooms, bk-MDMA, Nitrous Oxide & SupplementsAug 19 2017
New How Do I Want To Be RememberedJack L.Trichocereus pachanoi & BeerAug 18 2017
New RecommendedWorking Toward Letting GoKidritesDMTAug 17 2017
New Flooding the SensesmalfunktOpen-Eye MeditationAug 16 2017
New The Feeling Was Un-Marijuana LikerednecksavantHerbal Blend and Synthetic CannabinoidsAug 10 2017
New An Orgasm of the MindBlueBreathworkAug 10 2017
New Ipomoea Purpurea vs. Ipomoea TricolorM. SebastianMorning Glory - Ipomoea purpureaAug 10 2017
New My Friend the Vine of Souls Just a dadBanisteriopsis caapi & Passion FlowerAug 13 2017
New Overwhelming BeautymoondustDMTAug 15 2017
New Meetings With the Plant TeacherDanielAyahuascaAug 12 2017
New Doppler EffectCallMeGhostDiPT Aug 16 2017
New Sneaky AddictionLGChewing TobaccoAug 11 2017
New CapriceV.Mushrooms - Panaeolus subbalteatus Aug 14 2017
New Mystical Trek Thru Conciousness PoemDrewDMTAug 9 2017
New The Reason Why Not to TryWhenIComeDownCocaineAug 9 2017
New Not as Bad as They SayDevonCocaineAug 9 2017
New Hypnagogic HallucinationsJ CosmoZolpidemAug 9 2017
New I Never Come All the Way DownJonCannabisAug 9 2017
New Beneficial to Switch to Every Once in a WhileMark KMethamphetamine (Desoxyn)Aug 16 2017
New Smooth, Comfortable HighcocoloCannabis & BeerAug 9 2017
New I Was Floating in DissociationMediocrePsychonaut3-MeO-PCPAug 14 2017
New Less Harsh Than MDMAPsyGaneshAL-LAD & Nitrous OxideAug 13 2017
New Smoother Than MDMAPsyGanesh6-APBAug 13 2017
New Wasp FightPurp_ScurpAL-LADAug 9 2017
New The Effects of the CombinationxRFA1P-LSD & AlcoholAug 12 2017
New RecommendedNoticeable Drop in My MoodBasquiatMDMAAug 10 2017
New No Better Bliss Than for Once Just Not CaringTMCannabisAug 11 2017
New Bad Panic TripToyCannabisAug 11 2017
New DMT Visuals ForeverPfaffed4-AcO-MET & FlubromazolamAug 9 2017
New RecommendedThe Day Time Stood StillNeon WhiteAmanita PantherinaAug 8 2017
New I Had a Fucking SeizureLord PestoHydrocodone (with Acetaminophen) & MushroomsAug 17 2017
New Slightly More Energizing and AgitatingKetamineQueen(S)-KetamineAug 15 2017
New Not a Good ChoiceSpanicLactuca virosaAug 10 2017
New No Safety or Surprise, The EndBeelzebozoPsilocybin cubensisAug 7 2017
New Mellow With Less Memory LossThe_Hommie_HerbertEtizolamAug 6 2017
New Bad Come Up To A Wonderful EndingLiam4-HO-MET Aug 6 2017
New RecommendedThe Lazy Shaman's Cold PrepThe Lazy ShamanTrichocereus pachanoiAug 6 2017
New RecommendedI Have No Mouth But...Enlil4-AcO-DMTAug 6 2017
New Not a Good CombinationweezieBCannabis & CocaineAug 9 2017
New A Favorite of MineGrass Greener2C-BAug 8 2017
New Stomach Pain and Bloatinghangthedj5-HTPAug 7 2017
New Not Worth Ithappylovegirl5-HTPAug 7 2017
New Making a Concert BearableDave the Dropper5-HTPAug 7 2017
New Induced Short Term Memory Loss?Mija5-HTPAug 7 2017
New Good High With a Bad EndingamplonewolfCaffeine, Diazepam & KetamineAug 6 2017

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