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New Highly Recommended3-MeO-PCPs little brotherAsante3-MeO-PCMoAug 28 2015
New A novel dissociative but not a novel feeling.Rocket3-Meo-PCMoAug 28 2015
New Shaken from OblivionSecretResearch4-FluorobutyrfentanylAug 28 2015
New Had my fun and now Im doneVause4-FluorobutyrfentanylAug 27 2015
New Snow White TripMittens1p-lsd cocaineAug 24 2015
New Highly RecommendedA Cleaner HallucinogenImmortal_Ninja1P-LSDAug 24 2015
New Orgasmic Euphoria Submerged in ColorInTPatrickEphenidine 1p-LSDAug 21 2015
New RecommendedShort and Sweet but AmazingAshleyhasink25C-NBOMe & CannabisAug 19 2015
New For Chronic PainHartrenchKratomAug 19 2015
New Almost Destroyed My LiversammersKratomAug 19 2015
New Very Bad Experience After Taking ItAndythefish5-APBAug 17 2015
New Seems to Cause SeizuresPotheddUnknown (MN-001, presumed UR-144)Aug 17 2015
New Fun, Cheap and PotentPseudoHumanMethoxetamine & EthylphenidateAug 17 2015

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