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PPCoin Donations
donations through another digital currency
Erowid accepts donations (but not membership dues) through PPCoin, an alternative digital currency. If you would like to help support Erowid, send us a few!

Erowid PPCoin Address (New - August 2013):
We have zero idea whether it's a good idea to promote and accept PPCoin. We've been using Bitcoin for a few years and it has been both good and bad, with the bad being ridiculous value fluctuations during certain periods making it difficult to manage the value Erowid Center receives from donors.

It appears that PPCoin is also using Bitcoin code copies for its client and some of its other services. Wikipedia has an article describing PPCoin, but the differences between the various digital currencies are pretty small.

Note that unless you email us to let us know you donated PPCoins, we receive no information about the contributor.

See also Donating Bitcoins to Erowid and Donating Litecoins.