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September Public Support Drive
Reached a New High of 1,428 Unique Donations in September

As of December 3, 2021
  • 1,428 donations received (-52 still needed)
  • No matching funds remain!
Each September Erowid holds its annual public support drive. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, where we try to reach our goal of 1,376 unique contributors during the month (one more than last year). We're excited to have a matching challenge to coincide with it again this year which doubles donations of $10 to $500! (See rules below.)

We believe that truth, accuracy, and integrity in information about psychoactive plants, drugs, and technologies will lead to healthier and more balanced choices and policies around psychoactives. Read more about our recent projects below. Please, make a small donation today!
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$30 doubled Turns your $30 into $60 of support for Erowid.
Gifts: one-year subscription to Erowid Extracts with an Erowid sticker.
$50 doubled Makes $90 of support for Erowid.
Gifts: Erowid Extracts and an Erowid T-shirt, Poster, Blotter Art, or Used Book
Makes $150 of support for Erowid.
Gifts: Erowid Extracts and Blotter Art, or any two T-shirts, or Posters (or other options).
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Gifts: Erowid Extracts and a Glass Art Molecule, Erowid (or other options).
Makes $500 of support for Erowid.
Gifts: Erowid Extracts and a Visionary Synthesis Poster signed by Dr. Shulgin (or other options).
Makes $1,000 of support for Erowid.
Gifts: Erowid Extracts and Ltd Ed "Solve et Elucido" Giclée Art (or other options).

Who we are:
Erowid Center imagines a world where people treat psychoactives with respect and awareness; where we work to share knowledge in ways that strengthen our understanding of ourselves and provide insight into the choices faced by individuals and societies alike.

Erowid has a global impact on the evolution of accurate, fact-based information about psychoactive drugs. This is our goal, to improve people's ability to make choices by improving the state of knowledge, leading to reduced harms, improved benefits, and cultural reform.
  • Top Rated
    As of 2017, Erowid is one of GreatNonprofit's top-rated non-profit educational organizations for the sixth year in a row. Check out some of the great reviews we've gotten from the public.
  • Maximizing the Value of Experience Reports
    We're working with the California Institute of Integral Studies' psychedelic therapist certification program to provide a volunteer opportunity for students. Students can join the Erowid crew in reviewing submitted experience reports. They'll read about LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, ayahuasca, & ketamine, and learn about the psychological and physical effects of substances their clients might use.
  • Psychedelic Research
    We've increased our work with researchers and scientists. We provide editing and feedback to improve surveys and scientific papers. We also help researchers find enough qualifying participants to delve into narrow topics exploring the benefits and harms of various substances and practices. We're co-authoring several upcoming articles, including a paper with psychedelic researchers at Johns Hopkins.
  • Conferences and Events
    Erowid has participated in a number of conferences in 2017. Most notably, Fire and Earth were invited to and took part in an expert working group on state-of-the-art definitions of consciousness titled "Technology and Consciousness", held by Stanford Research Institute.
  • Drug Checking
    Our lab drug checking project EcstasyData continues to be the only public testing program in the US and one of the world's leading labs for new drug analysis. We've been increasing our collaboration with European partners, publishing their testing results alongside our own.onferences.

Matching Campaign Rules:
  • Donations must be made between September 7th and September 30th 23:59 PST, 2017 in order to be matched.
  • $10-$500 donations are matched 1x ($30 donation triggers matching donation of $30, etc).
  • Qualifying donations will be matched until the matching funds reach $63,507 or the end date of October 1st, 2017 at 00:00 Hawaii time.
  • Contributors can select from the normal array of membership gifts for the amount they contribute, not including matching funds.
  • Contributors' portion of donations (minus the value of membership gifts requested) are tax-deductible.
If you have questions about this matching drive, email